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const (
	// IngressAnnotationKey key for the network policy annotation in a namespace
	IngressAnnotationKey = "net.beta.kubernetes.io/network-policy"
	// IngressAnnotationValue is the policy that belongs to the NetworkPolicy key
	IngressAnnotationValue = `{"ingress": {"isolation": "DefaultDeny"}}`
	// IntraPolicyName name of the intra-namespace network policy
	IntraPolicyName = "allow-intra-namespace"


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func AddBridgePolicy

func AddBridgePolicy(client *unversioned.ExtensionsClient, namespace *api.Namespace, config *utils.Config) error

AddBridgePolicy adds the allow-apigee NetworkPolicy to the given namespace

func AddIntraPolicy

func AddIntraPolicy(client *unversioned.ExtensionsClient, namespace *api.Namespace, config *utils.Config) error

AddIntraPolicy adds the intra-namespace network policy to a given namespace

func EnactPolicies

func EnactPolicies(client *unversioned.ExtensionsClient, namespace *api.Namespace, config *utils.Config) error

EnactPolicies creates the necessary network policies in the given namespace

func IsolateNamespace

func IsolateNamespace(client *unversioned.Client, namespace *api.Namespace, config *utils.Config) error

IsolateNamespace adds the necessary label for network isolation

func ValidateIsolation

func ValidateIsolation(client *unversioned.Client, extClient *unversioned.ExtensionsClient, namespace *api.Namespace, config *utils.Config) error

ValidateIsolation ensures that a namespace excluded by the IgnoreSelector labels is not isolated by congress

func ValidateList

func ValidateList(client *unversioned.Client, extClient *unversioned.ExtensionsClient, list *api.NamespaceList, config *utils.Config) (*api.NamespaceList, error)

ValidateList validates that a list of namespaces conform to network isolation standards

func ValidateNamespace

func ValidateNamespace(client *unversioned.Client, extClient *unversioned.ExtensionsClient, namespace *api.Namespace, config *utils.Config) error

ValidateNamespace validates that a single namespace conforms to network isolation standards


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