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A bundle storage system for EdgeX bundles

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still here is what we need to do to have glide working correctly:

  • Make sure $GOPATH/pkg $GOPATH/bin dirs are empty
  • Each project should have glide.yaml with version
- package: github.com/gorilla/mux
  version: v1.3.0
- package: github.com/spf13/viper
  version: 5ed0fc31f7f453625df314d8e66b9791e8d13003
  • All projects we have should have same versions reference
  • glide.lock file must be checked in once and updated only on new dependency version update
  • you never do glide up anymore always do glide i. Do glide up only when there is new dependency version update
  • All CI jobs do only glide install
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