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Package utils p2p utils



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func CalcChannelVersion

func CalcChannelVersion(channel, version int32) int32

CalcChannelVersion calc channel version

func DecodeChannelVersion

func DecodeChannelVersion(channelVersion int32) (channel int32, version int32)

DecodeChannelVersion decode channel version


type Filterdata

type Filterdata struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Filterdata filter data attribute

func NewFilter

func NewFilter(num int) *Filterdata

NewFilter produce a filter object

func (*Filterdata) Add

func (f *Filterdata) Add(key string, val interface{}) bool

Add add val

func (*Filterdata) AddWithCheckAtomic

func (f *Filterdata) AddWithCheckAtomic(key string, val interface{}) (exist bool)

AddWithCheckAtomic add key if key not exist with atomic lock, return true if exist

func (*Filterdata) Close

func (f *Filterdata) Close()

Close the filter object

func (*Filterdata) Contains

func (f *Filterdata) Contains(key string) bool

Contains query receive data by key

func (*Filterdata) Get

func (f *Filterdata) Get(key string) (interface{}, bool)

Get get val

func (*Filterdata) GetAtomicLock

func (f *Filterdata) GetAtomicLock()

GetAtomicLock get lock

func (*Filterdata) ManageRecvFilter

func (f *Filterdata) ManageRecvFilter(tickTime time.Duration)

ManageRecvFilter manager receive filter

func (*Filterdata) ReleaseAtomicLock

func (f *Filterdata) ReleaseAtomicLock()

ReleaseAtomicLock release lock

func (*Filterdata) Remove

func (f *Filterdata) Remove(key string)

Remove remove receive data by key

type SpaceLimitCache

type SpaceLimitCache struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SpaceLimitCache lru缓存封装, 控制占用空间大小

func NewSpaceLimitCache

func NewSpaceLimitCache(num, maxByteSize int) *SpaceLimitCache

NewSpaceLimitCache new space limit cache

func (*SpaceLimitCache) Add

func (c *SpaceLimitCache) Add(key interface{}, val interface{}, size int) bool

Add add key val

func (*SpaceLimitCache) Contains

func (c *SpaceLimitCache) Contains(key interface{}) bool

Contains check if exist

func (*SpaceLimitCache) Get

func (c *SpaceLimitCache) Get(key interface{}) interface{}

Get get key

func (*SpaceLimitCache) Remove

func (c *SpaceLimitCache) Remove(key interface{}) (interface{}, bool)

Remove remove key

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