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func Query

func Query(contractAddr, input, caller, rpcLaddr, abiData string) interface{}


type Chain33StartPara

type Chain33StartPara struct {
	ChainName          string
	Ctx                context.Context
	SyncTxConfig       *ebTypes.SyncTxConfig
	BridgeRegistryAddr string
	DeployInfo         *ebTypes.Deploy
	DBHandle           dbm.DB
	EthBridgeClaimChan <-chan *ebTypes.EthBridgeClaim
	Chain33MsgChan     chan<- *events.Chain33Msg
	ChainID            int32

type DeployPara4Chain33

type DeployPara4Chain33 struct {
	Deployer       address.Address
	Operator       address.Address
	InitValidators []address.Address
	InitPowers     []*big.Int

DeployPara ...

type DeployResult

type DeployResult struct {
	Address address.Address
	TxHash  string

type Relayer4Chain33

type Relayer4Chain33 struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Relayer4Chain33 ...

func StartChain33Relayer

func StartChain33Relayer(startPara *Chain33StartPara) *Relayer4Chain33

StartChain33Relayer : initializes a relayer which witnesses events on the chain33 network and relays them to Ethereum

func (*Relayer4Chain33) BurnAsyncFromChain33

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) BurnAsyncFromChain33(ownerPrivateKey, tokenAddr, ethereumReceiver, amount string) (string, error)

func (*Relayer4Chain33) CreateERC20ToChain33

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) CreateERC20ToChain33(param ebTypes.ERC20Token) (erc20 string, err error)

func (*Relayer4Chain33) DeployContracts

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) DeployContracts() (bridgeRegistry string, err error)

DeployContrcts 部署以太坊合约

func (*Relayer4Chain33) DeployMulsign

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) DeployMulsign() (mulsign string, err error)

DeployContrcts 部署以太坊合约

func (*Relayer4Chain33) GetAccount

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) GetAccount(passphrase string) (privateKey, addr string, err error)

GetAccount ...

func (*Relayer4Chain33) GetAccountAddr

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) GetAccountAddr() (addr string, err error)

GetAccountAddr ...

func (*Relayer4Chain33) ImportPrivateKey

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) ImportPrivateKey(passphrase, privateKeyStr string) error

func (*Relayer4Chain33) LockBTYAssetAsync

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) LockBTYAssetAsync(ownerPrivateKey, ethereumReceiver, amount string) (string, error)

func (*Relayer4Chain33) RestorePrivateKeys

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) RestorePrivateKeys(passPhase string) (err error)

RestorePrivateKeys ...

func (*Relayer4Chain33) RestoreTokenAddress

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) RestoreTokenAddress() error

func (*Relayer4Chain33) SafeTransfer

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) SafeTransfer(para ebTypes.SafeTransfer) (string, error)

func (*Relayer4Chain33) SetMultiSignAddr

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) SetMultiSignAddr(address string)

func (*Relayer4Chain33) SetTokenAddress

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) SetTokenAddress(token2set ebTypes.TokenAddress) error

func (*Relayer4Chain33) SetupMulSign

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) SetupMulSign(setupMulSign ebTypes.SetupMulSign) (string, error)

func (*Relayer4Chain33) ShowBridgeRegistryAddr

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) ShowBridgeRegistryAddr() (string, error)

ShowBridgeRegistryAddr ...

func (*Relayer4Chain33) ShowStatics

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) ShowStatics(request *ebTypes.TokenStaticsRequest) (*ebTypes.TokenStaticsResponse, error)

func (*Relayer4Chain33) ShowTokenAddress

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) ShowTokenAddress(token2show ebTypes.TokenAddress) (*ebTypes.TokenAddressArray, error)

func (*Relayer4Chain33) StoreAccountWithNewPassphase

func (chain33Relayer *Relayer4Chain33) StoreAccountWithNewPassphase(newPassphrase, oldPassphrase string) error

StoreAccountWithNewPassphase ...

type X2EthDeployResult

type X2EthDeployResult struct {
	BridgeRegistry *DeployResult
	BridgeBank     *DeployResult
	EthereumBridge *DeployResult
	Valset         *DeployResult
	Oracle         *DeployResult


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