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func DPosCBQueryCmd

func DPosCBQueryCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosCBQueryCmd 查询Cycle Boundary info的命令

func DPosCBRecordCmd

func DPosCBRecordCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosCBRecordCmd to create keyfiles

func DPosCancelRegistCmd

func DPosCancelRegistCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosCancelRegistCmd 构造候选节点去注册的命令行

func DPosCandidatorQueryCmd

func DPosCandidatorQueryCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosCandidatorQueryCmd 构造查询候选节点信息的命令行

func DPosCmd

func DPosCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosCmd DPosVote合约命令行

func DPosCreateCmd

func DPosCreateCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosCreateCmd to create keyfiles

func DPosReRegistCmd

func DPosReRegistCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosReRegistCmd 构造重新注册候选节点的命令行

func DPosRegistCmd

func DPosRegistCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosRegistCmd 构造候选节点注册的命令行

func DPosTopNQueryCmd

func DPosTopNQueryCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosTopNQueryCmd 构造TopN相关信息查询的命令行

func DPosVoteCancelCmd

func DPosVoteCancelCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosVoteCancelCmd 构造撤销对候选节点投票的命令行

func DPosVoteCmd

func DPosVoteCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosVoteCmd 构造为候选节点投票的命令行

func DPosVoteQueryCmd

func DPosVoteQueryCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosVoteQueryCmd 构造投票信息查询的命令行

func DPosVrfEvaluateCmd

func DPosVrfEvaluateCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosVrfEvaluateCmd to create keyfiles

func DPosVrfMRegistCmd

func DPosVrfMRegistCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosVrfMRegistCmd 构造注册VRF M信息(输入信息)的命令行

func DPosVrfQueryCmd

func DPosVrfQueryCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosVrfQueryCmd 构造VRF相关信息查询的命令行

func DPosVrfRPRegistCmd

func DPosVrfRPRegistCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosVrfRPRegistCmd 构造VRF R/P(hash及proof)注册的命令行

func DPosVrfVerifyCmd

func DPosVrfVerifyCmd() *cobra.Command

DPosVrfVerifyCmd to create keyfiles

func RandStr

func RandStr(length int) string

RandStr ...


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