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func MemoryCall

func MemoryCall(stack *Stack) (uint64, bool)

MemoryCall call所需内存大小

func MemoryCallDataCopy

func MemoryCallDataCopy(stack *Stack) (uint64, bool)

MemoryCallDataCopy callDataCopy所需内存大小

func MemoryCodeCopy

func MemoryCodeCopy(stack *Stack) (uint64, bool)

MemoryCodeCopy codeCopy所需内存大小

func MemoryCreate

func MemoryCreate(stack *Stack) (uint64, bool)

MemoryCreate create所需内存大小

func MemoryDelegateCall

func MemoryDelegateCall(stack *Stack) (uint64, bool)

MemoryDelegateCall delegateCall所需内存大小

func MemoryExtCodeCopy

func MemoryExtCodeCopy(stack *Stack) (uint64, bool)

MemoryExtCodeCopy extCodeCopy所需内存大小

func MemoryLog

func MemoryLog(stack *Stack) (uint64, bool)

MemoryLog log所需内存大小

func MemoryMLoad

func MemoryMLoad(stack *Stack) (uint64, bool)

MemoryMLoad mload所需内存大小

func MemoryMStore

func MemoryMStore(stack *Stack) (uint64, bool)

MemoryMStore mstore所需内存大小

func MemoryMStore8

func MemoryMStore8(stack *Stack) (uint64, bool)

MemoryMStore8 mstore8所需内存大小

func MemoryReturn

func MemoryReturn(stack *Stack) (uint64, bool)

MemoryReturn return所需内存大小

func MemoryReturnDataCopy

func MemoryReturnDataCopy(stack *Stack) (uint64, bool)

MemoryReturnDataCopy returnDataCopy所需内存大小

func MemoryRevert

func MemoryRevert(stack *Stack) (uint64, bool)

MemoryRevert revert所需内存大小

func MemorySha3

func MemorySha3(stack *Stack) (uint64, bool)

MemorySha3 sha3计算所需内存大小

func MemoryStaticCall

func MemoryStaticCall(stack *Stack) (uint64, bool)

MemoryStaticCall staticCall所需内存大小

func ReturnRStack added in v1.65.1

func ReturnRStack(rs *ReturnStack)

ReturnRStack 将returnStack还给rStackPool

func Returnstack added in v1.65.1

func Returnstack(s *Stack)

Returnstack 把用完的stack还给stackpool


type Memory

type Memory struct {
	// Store 内存中存储的数据
	Store []byte
	// LastGasCost 上次开辟内存消耗的Gas
	LastGasCost uint64

Memory 内存操作封装,在EVM中使用此对象模拟物理内存

func NewMemory

func NewMemory() *Memory

NewMemory 创建内存对象结构

func (*Memory) Data

func (m *Memory) Data() []byte

Data 返回内存中的原始数据引用

func (*Memory) Get

func (m *Memory) Get(offset, size int64) (cpy []byte)

Get 获取内存中制定偏移量开始的指定长度的数据,返回数据的拷贝而非引用

func (*Memory) GetCopy added in v1.65.3

func (m *Memory) GetCopy(offset, size int64) (cpy []byte)

Get returns offset + size as a new slice

func (*Memory) GetPtr

func (m *Memory) GetPtr(offset, size int64) []byte

GetPtr 同Get操作,不过这里返回的是数据引用

func (*Memory) Len

func (m *Memory) Len() int

Len 返回内存中已开辟空间的大小(以字节计算)

func (*Memory) Print

func (m *Memory) Print()

Print 打印内存中的数据(调试用)

func (*Memory) Resize

func (m *Memory) Resize(size uint64)

Resize 扩充内存到指定大小

func (*Memory) Set

func (m *Memory) Set(offset, size uint64, value []byte) (err error)

Set 设置内存中的值, value => offset:offset + size

func (*Memory) Set32

func (m *Memory) Set32(offset uint64, val *uint256.Int) (err error)

Set32 从offset开始设置32个字节的内存值,如果值长度不足32个字节,左零值填充

type MemorySizeFunc

type MemorySizeFunc func(*Stack) (size uint64, overflow bool)

MemorySizeFunc 计算所需内存大小

type ReturnStack added in v1.65.1

type ReturnStack struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ReturnStack 返回栈对象

func NewReturnStack added in v1.65.1

func NewReturnStack() *ReturnStack

NewReturnStack 返回栈对象封装,提供常用的返回栈操作

func (*ReturnStack) Data added in v1.65.1

func (st *ReturnStack) Data() []uint32

Data 返回栈中的所有底层数据

func (*ReturnStack) Len added in v1.65.1

func (st *ReturnStack) Len() int

Len ReturnStack大小

func (*ReturnStack) Pop added in v1.65.1

func (st *ReturnStack) Pop() (ret uint32)

Pop A uint32 is sufficient as for code below 4.2G

func (*ReturnStack) Push added in v1.65.1

func (st *ReturnStack) Push(d uint32)

Push 压栈

type Stack

type Stack struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Stack 栈对象封装,提供常用的栈操作

func NewStack

func NewStack() *Stack

NewStack 新创建栈对象

func (*Stack) Back

func (st *Stack) Back(n int) *uint256.Int

Back 返回第n个取值

func (*Stack) Data

func (st *Stack) Data() []uint256.Int

Data 返回栈中的所有底层数据

func (*Stack) Dup

func (st *Stack) Dup(n int)

Dup 复制栈中指定位置的数据的栈顶

func (*Stack) Len

func (st *Stack) Len() int

Len 栈长度

func (*Stack) Peek

func (st *Stack) Peek() *uint256.Int

Peek 返回顶端数据

func (*Stack) Pop

func (st *Stack) Pop() (ret uint256.Int)

Pop 弹出栈顶数据

func (*Stack) Print

func (st *Stack) Print()

Print 印栈对象(调试用)

func (*Stack) Push

func (st *Stack) Push(d *uint256.Int)

Push 数据入栈

func (*Stack) PushN

func (st *Stack) PushN(ds ...uint256.Int)

PushN 同时压栈多个数据

func (*Stack) Require

func (st *Stack) Require(n int) error

Require 检查栈是否满足长度要求

func (*Stack) Swap

func (st *Stack) Swap(n int)

Swap 将栈顶数据和栈中指定位置的数据互换位置

type StackValidationFunc

type StackValidationFunc func(*Stack) error

StackValidationFunc 校验栈中数据是否满足计算要求

func MakeDupStackFunc

func MakeDupStackFunc(n int) StackValidationFunc

MakeDupStackFunc 创建栈大小计算方法对象

func MakeStackFunc

func MakeStackFunc(pop, push int) StackValidationFunc

MakeStackFunc 栈校验的通用逻辑封装(主要就是检查栈的深度和空间是否够用)

func MakeSwapStackFunc

func MakeSwapStackFunc(n int) StackValidationFunc

MakeSwapStackFunc 创建栈大小计算方法对象

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