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func Init

func Init(name string, s types.RPCServer)

Init init rpc server


type Grpc

type Grpc struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Grpc grpc class

func (Grpc) EnablePrivacy

func (g Grpc) EnablePrivacy(ctx context.Context, in *types.ReqAddrs) (*mixTy.ReqEnablePrivacyRst, error)


func (Grpc) GetRescanStatus

func (g Grpc) GetRescanStatus(ctx context.Context, in *types.ReqNil) (*types.ReqString, error)

func (Grpc) RescanNotes

func (g Grpc) RescanNotes(ctx context.Context, in *types.ReqNil) (*types.ReqString, error)

// 扫描UTXO以及获取扫描UTXO后的状态

type Jrpc

type Jrpc struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Jrpc json rpc class

func (*Jrpc) CreateRawTransaction

func (c *Jrpc) CreateRawTransaction(in *mixTy.CreateRawTxReq, result *interface{}) error

func (*Jrpc) CreateZkKeyFile

func (c *Jrpc) CreateZkKeyFile(in *mixTy.CreateZkKeyFileReq, result *interface{}) error

func (*Jrpc) DecryptSecretData

func (c *Jrpc) DecryptSecretData(in *mixTy.DecryptSecretData, result *json.RawMessage) error

func (*Jrpc) EnablePrivacy

func (c *Jrpc) EnablePrivacy(in *types.ReqAddrs, result *json.RawMessage) error

EnablePrivacy enable privacy for json rpc

func (*Jrpc) EncryptSecretData

func (c *Jrpc) EncryptSecretData(in *mixTy.EncryptSecretData, result *json.RawMessage) error

func (*Jrpc) GetRescanStatus

func (c *Jrpc) GetRescanStatus(in *types.ReqNil, result *json.RawMessage) error

func (*Jrpc) RescanNotes

func (c *Jrpc) RescanNotes(in *types.ReqNil, result *json.RawMessage) error

RescanUtxos rescan utxosl for json rpc

func (*Jrpc) ShowAccountNoteInfo

func (c *Jrpc) ShowAccountNoteInfo(in *mixTy.WalletMixIndexReq, result *json.RawMessage) error

ShowPrivacyAccountSpend display spend privacy account for json rpc

func (*Jrpc) ShowAccountPrivacyInfo

func (c *Jrpc) ShowAccountPrivacyInfo(in *mixTy.PaymentKeysReq, result *json.RawMessage) error

ShowPrivacyAccountInfo display privacy account information for json rpc

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