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func CreateRawAssetTransferCmd

func CreateRawAssetTransferCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawAssetTransferCmd create raw asset transfer tx

func CreateRawAssetWithdrawCmd

func CreateRawAssetWithdrawCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawAssetWithdrawCmd create raw asset withdraw tx

func CreateRawCrossAssetTransferCmd

func CreateRawCrossAssetTransferCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawCrossAssetTransferCmd create raw cross asset transfer tx

func CreateRawTransferCmd

func CreateRawTransferCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawTransferCmd create raw transfer tx

func CreateRawTransferToExecCmd

func CreateRawTransferToExecCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawTransferToExecCmd create raw transfer to exec tx

func CreateRawWithdrawCmd

func CreateRawWithdrawCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawWithdrawCmd create raw withdraw tx

func GetBlockInfoCmd

func GetBlockInfoCmd() *cobra.Command

GetBlockInfoCmd get blocks hash with main chain hash map

func GetConsensDoneInfoCmd

func GetConsensDoneInfoCmd() *cobra.Command

GetConsensDoneInfoCmd get para chain done height consens info

func GetExecAddr

func GetExecAddr(exec string) (string, error)

GetExecAddr 获取执行器地址

func GetHeightCmd

func GetHeightCmd() *cobra.Command

GetHeightCmd get para chain's chain height and consensus height

func GetLocalBlockInfoCmd

func GetLocalBlockInfoCmd() *cobra.Command

GetLocalBlockInfoCmd get blocks hash with main chain hash map

func GetParaAssetTransCmd

func GetParaAssetTransCmd() *cobra.Command

GetParaAssetTransCmd get para chain asset transfer info

func GetParaInfoCmd

func GetParaInfoCmd() *cobra.Command

GetParaInfoCmd get para chain status by height

func GetParaListCmd

func GetParaListCmd() *cobra.Command

GetParaListCmd get para chain info list

func GetSelfConsOneStageCmd

func GetSelfConsOneStageCmd() *cobra.Command

GetSelfConsOneStageCmd get para chain status by height

func GetSelfConsStagesCmd

func GetSelfConsStagesCmd() *cobra.Command

GetSelfConsStagesCmd get para chain status by height

func IsSyncCmd

func IsSyncCmd() *cobra.Command

IsSyncCmd query parachain is sync

func ParcCmd

func ParcCmd() *cobra.Command

ParcCmd paracross cmd register

func QuerySelfStagesCmd

func QuerySelfStagesCmd() *cobra.Command

QuerySelfStagesCmd 显示提案查询信息


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