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func New

func New() wcom.WalletBizPolicy

New new instance

func NotifyConsensus

func NotifyConsensus(api client.QueueProtocolAPI, FuncName string, param []byte)

NotifyConsensus 通知para共识模块做相应的处理


type ParaPolicy

type ParaPolicy struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ParaPolicy 结构体

func (*ParaPolicy) Call

func (policy *ParaPolicy) Call(funName string, in types.Message) (ret types.Message, err error)

Call call

func (*ParaPolicy) Init

func (policy *ParaPolicy) Init(walletBiz wcom.WalletOperate, sub []byte)

Init initial

func (*ParaPolicy) OnAddBlockFinish

func (policy *ParaPolicy) OnAddBlockFinish(block *types.BlockDetail)

OnAddBlockFinish process finish block

func (*ParaPolicy) OnAddBlockTx

func (policy *ParaPolicy) OnAddBlockTx(block *types.BlockDetail, tx *types.Transaction, index int32, dbbatch db.Batch) *types.WalletTxDetail

OnAddBlockTx add Block tx

func (*ParaPolicy) OnClose

func (policy *ParaPolicy) OnClose()

OnClose close

func (*ParaPolicy) OnCreateNewAccount

func (policy *ParaPolicy) OnCreateNewAccount(acc *types.Account)

OnCreateNewAccount 通知para共识有新账户创建

func (*ParaPolicy) OnDeleteBlockFinish

func (policy *ParaPolicy) OnDeleteBlockFinish(block *types.BlockDetail)

OnDeleteBlockFinish process finish block

func (*ParaPolicy) OnDeleteBlockTx

func (policy *ParaPolicy) OnDeleteBlockTx(block *types.BlockDetail, tx *types.Transaction, index int32, dbbatch db.Batch) *types.WalletTxDetail

OnDeleteBlockTx on delete block

func (*ParaPolicy) OnImportPrivateKey

func (policy *ParaPolicy) OnImportPrivateKey(acc *types.Account)

OnImportPrivateKey 通知para共识有新账户导入

func (*ParaPolicy) OnSetQueueClient

func (policy *ParaPolicy) OnSetQueueClient()

OnSetQueueClient on set queue client

func (*ParaPolicy) OnWalletLocked

func (policy *ParaPolicy) OnWalletLocked()

OnWalletLocked process lock event

func (*ParaPolicy) OnWalletUnlocked

func (policy *ParaPolicy) OnWalletUnlocked(param *types.WalletUnLock)

OnWalletUnlocked process unlock event,只处理wallet锁

func (*ParaPolicy) SignTransaction

func (policy *ParaPolicy) SignTransaction(key crypto.PrivKey, req *types.ReqSignRawTx) (needSysSign bool, signtx string, err error)

SignTransaction sign tx

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