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func CalcQbftNodeBlockInfoHeightKey

func CalcQbftNodeBlockInfoHeightKey(height int64) []byte

CalcQbftNodeBlockInfoHeightKey method

func CalcQbftNodeUpdateHeightIndexKey

func CalcQbftNodeUpdateHeightIndexKey(height int64, index int) []byte

CalcQbftNodeUpdateHeightIndexKey method

func CalcQbftNodeUpdateHeightKey

func CalcQbftNodeUpdateHeightKey(height int64) []byte

CalcQbftNodeUpdateHeightKey method

func GetName

func GetName() string

GetName method

func Init

func Init(name string, cfg *types.Chain33Config, sub []byte)

Init method

func InitExecType

func InitExecType()

InitExecType ...


type QbftNode

type QbftNode struct {

QbftNode strucyt

func (*QbftNode) CheckReceiptExecOk

func (qbft *QbftNode) CheckReceiptExecOk() bool

CheckReceiptExecOk return true to check if receipt ty is ok

func (*QbftNode) CheckTx

func (qbft *QbftNode) CheckTx(tx *types.Transaction, index int) error

CheckTx method

func (*QbftNode) ExecDelLocal_BlockInfo

func (val *QbftNode) ExecDelLocal_BlockInfo(blockInfo *pty.QbftBlockInfo, tx *types.Transaction, receipt *types.ReceiptData, index int) (*types.LocalDBSet, error)

ExecDelLocal_BlockInfo method

func (*QbftNode) ExecDelLocal_Node

func (val *QbftNode) ExecDelLocal_Node(node *pty.QbftNode, tx *types.Transaction, receipt *types.ReceiptData, index int) (*types.LocalDBSet, error)

ExecDelLocal_Node method

func (*QbftNode) ExecLocal_BlockInfo

func (val *QbftNode) ExecLocal_BlockInfo(blockInfo *pty.QbftBlockInfo, tx *types.Transaction, receipt *types.ReceiptData, index int) (*types.LocalDBSet, error)

ExecLocal_BlockInfo method

func (*QbftNode) ExecLocal_Node

func (val *QbftNode) ExecLocal_Node(node *pty.QbftNode, tx *types.Transaction, receipt *types.ReceiptData, index int) (*types.LocalDBSet, error)

ExecLocal_Node method

func (*QbftNode) Exec_BlockInfo

func (val *QbftNode) Exec_BlockInfo(blockInfo *pty.QbftBlockInfo, tx *types.Transaction, index int) (*types.Receipt, error)

Exec_BlockInfo method

func (*QbftNode) Exec_Node

func (val *QbftNode) Exec_Node(node *pty.QbftNode, tx *types.Transaction, index int) (*types.Receipt, error)

Exec_Node method

func (*QbftNode) GetDriverName

func (qbft *QbftNode) GetDriverName() string

GetDriverName method

func (*QbftNode) Query_GetBlockInfoByHeight

func (val *QbftNode) Query_GetBlockInfoByHeight(in *pty.ReqQbftBlockInfo) (types.Message, error)

Query_GetBlockInfoByHeight method

func (*QbftNode) Query_GetCurrentState

func (val *QbftNode) Query_GetCurrentState(in *types.ReqNil) (types.Message, error)

Query_GetCurrentState method

func (*QbftNode) Query_GetPerfStat

func (val *QbftNode) Query_GetPerfStat(in *pty.ReqQbftPerfStat) (types.Message, error)

Query_GetPerfState method

func (*QbftNode) Query_GetQbftNodeByHeight

func (val *QbftNode) Query_GetQbftNodeByHeight(in *pty.ReqQbftNodes) (types.Message, error)

Query_GetQbftNodeByHeight method

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