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type Auth

type Auth struct {
	PrivateKey string `json:"privateKey"`
	PublicKey  string `json:"publicKey"`
	Address    string `json:"address"`

Auth auth key struct

type BtcClient

type BtcClient interface {
	Start() error
	Stop() error
	GetLatestBlock() (*chainhash.Hash, uint64, error)
	GetBlockHeader(height uint64) (*ty.BtcHeader, error)
	GetSPV(height uint64, txHash string) (*ty.BtcSpv, error)
	GetTransaction(hash string) (*ty.BtcTransaction, error)

BtcClient interface

type Btcd

type Btcd struct {
	ID                   string
	Host                 string
	Endpoint             string
	User                 string
	Pass                 string
	DisableTLS           bool
	CertPath             string
	Proxy                string
	ProxyUser            string
	ProxyPass            string
	DisableAutoReconnect bool
	DisableConnectOnNew  bool
	HTTPPostMode         bool
	EnableBCInfoHacks    bool
	ReconnectAttempts    int

Btcd adapt to btcd

func (*Btcd) BitConnConfig

func (b *Btcd) BitConnConfig() *rpcclient.ConnConfig

BitConnConfig btc connect config

type Chain33

type Chain33 struct {
	ID                   string
	Host                 string
	User                 string
	Pass                 string
	DisableAutoReconnect bool
	ReconnectAttempts    int

Chain33 define adapt to chain33 relay exec

type Client33

type Client33 struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client33 to connect with chain33

func NewClient33

func NewClient33(cfg *Chain33) *Client33

NewClient33 new client instance

func (*Client33) Close

func (c *Client33) Close() error

Close chain33 close

func (*Client33) SendTransaction

func (c *Client33) SendTransaction(ctx context.Context, in *types.Transaction) (*types.Reply, error)

SendTransaction send tx to chain33

func (*Client33) Start

func (c *Client33) Start(ctx context.Context)

Start begin heartbeat to chain33

type Config

type Config struct {
	Title          string
	Watch          bool
	Tick33         int
	TickBTC        int
	BtcdOrWeb      int
	SyncSetup      uint64
	SyncSetupCount uint64
	Chain33        Chain33
	FirstBtcHeight uint64
	Btcd           Btcd
	Log            types.Log
	Auth           Auth
	Chain33Cfg     *types.Chain33Config

Config relayd toml config

func NewConfig

func NewConfig(path string) *Config

NewConfig create a new config

type Relayd

type Relayd struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Relayd define

func NewRelayd

func NewRelayd(config *Config) *Relayd

NewRelayd create relayd instance

func (*Relayd) Close

func (r *Relayd) Close()

Close relayd close

func (*Relayd) Start

func (r *Relayd) Start()

Start relayd start up

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