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func Init

func Init(name string, s types.RPCServer)

Init retrieve rpc


type Asset

type Asset struct {
	Exec   string `json:"exec"`
	Symbol string `json:"symbol"`

Asset Asset

type Grpc

type Grpc struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Grpc def

func (Grpc) Backup

func (c Grpc) Backup(ctx context.Context, v *rt.BackupRetrieve) (*types.UnsignTx, error)

func (Grpc) Cancel

func (c Grpc) Cancel(ctx context.Context, v *rt.CancelRetrieve) (*types.UnsignTx, error)

func (Grpc) Perform

func (c Grpc) Perform(ctx context.Context, v *rt.PerformRetrieve) (*types.UnsignTx, error)

func (Grpc) Prepare

func (c Grpc) Prepare(ctx context.Context, v *rt.PrepareRetrieve) (*types.UnsignTx, error)

type Jrpc

type Jrpc struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Jrpc def

func (*Jrpc) CreateRawRetrieveBackupTx

func (c *Jrpc) CreateRawRetrieveBackupTx(in *RetrieveBackupTx, result *interface{}) error

CreateRawRetrieveBackupTx construct backup tx

func (*Jrpc) CreateRawRetrieveCancelTx

func (c *Jrpc) CreateRawRetrieveCancelTx(in *RetrieveCancelTx, result *interface{}) error

CreateRawRetrieveCancelTx construct cancel tx

func (*Jrpc) CreateRawRetrievePerformTx

func (c *Jrpc) CreateRawRetrievePerformTx(in *RetrievePerformTx, result *interface{}) error

CreateRawRetrievePerformTx construct perform tx

func (*Jrpc) CreateRawRetrievePrepareTx

func (c *Jrpc) CreateRawRetrievePrepareTx(in *RetrievePrepareTx, result *interface{}) error

CreateRawRetrievePrepareTx construct prepare tx

type RetrieveBackupTx

type RetrieveBackupTx struct {
	BackupAddr  string `json:"backupAddr"`
	DefaultAddr string `json:"defaultAddr"`
	DelayPeriod int64  `json:"delayPeriod"`
	Fee         int64  `json:"fee"`

RetrieveBackupTx construction

type RetrieveCancelTx

type RetrieveCancelTx struct {
	BackupAddr  string `json:"backupAddr"`
	DefaultAddr string `json:"defaultAddr"`
	Fee         int64  `json:"fee"`

RetrieveCancelTx construction

type RetrievePerformTx

type RetrievePerformTx struct {
	BackupAddr  string  `json:"backupAddr"`
	DefaultAddr string  `json:"defaultAddr"`
	Assets      []Asset `json:"assets"`
	Fee         int64   `json:"fee"`

RetrievePerformTx construction

type RetrievePrepareTx

type RetrievePrepareTx struct {
	BackupAddr  string `json:"backupAddr"`
	DefaultAddr string `json:"defaultAddr"`
	Fee         int64  `json:"fee"`

RetrievePrepareTx construction

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