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func CreateRawTokenBurnTxCmd

func CreateRawTokenBurnTxCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawTokenBurnTxCmd create raw token burn transaction

func CreateRawTokenFinishTxCmd

func CreateRawTokenFinishTxCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawTokenFinishTxCmd create raw token finish create transaction

func CreateRawTokenMintTxCmd

func CreateRawTokenMintTxCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawTokenMintTxCmd create raw token mintage transaction

func CreateRawTokenPreCreateTxCmd

func CreateRawTokenPreCreateTxCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawTokenPreCreateTxCmd create raw token precreate transaction

func CreateRawTokenRevokeTxCmd

func CreateRawTokenRevokeTxCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawTokenRevokeTxCmd create raw token revoke transaction

func CreateTokenTransferCmd

func CreateTokenTransferCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateTokenTransferCmd create raw transfer tx

func CreateTokenTransferExecCmd

func CreateTokenTransferExecCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateTokenTransferExecCmd create raw transfer tx

func CreateTokenWithdrawCmd

func CreateTokenWithdrawCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateTokenWithdrawCmd create raw withdraw tx

func GetExecAddr

func GetExecAddr(exec string) (string, error)

GetExecAddr 获取执行器地址

func GetTokenAssetsCmd

func GetTokenAssetsCmd() *cobra.Command

GetTokenAssetsCmd get token assets

func GetTokenBalanceCmd

func GetTokenBalanceCmd() *cobra.Command

GetTokenBalanceCmd get token balance

func GetTokenCmd

func GetTokenCmd() *cobra.Command

GetTokenCmd get token

func GetTokenLogsCmd

func GetTokenLogsCmd() *cobra.Command

GetTokenLogsCmd get logs of token

func GetTokensCreatedCmd

func GetTokensCreatedCmd() *cobra.Command

GetTokensCreatedCmd get finish created tokens

func GetTokensPreCreatedCmd

func GetTokensPreCreatedCmd() *cobra.Command

GetTokensPreCreatedCmd get precreated tokens

func QueryTxCmd

func QueryTxCmd() *cobra.Command

QueryTxCmd get tx by address

func TokenCmd

func TokenCmd() *cobra.Command

TokenCmd token 命令行


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