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func CreateRawBuyLimitTxCmd

func CreateRawBuyLimitTxCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawBuyLimitTxCmd : create raw buy limit token transaction

func CreateRawBuyRevokeTxCmd

func CreateRawBuyRevokeTxCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawBuyRevokeTxCmd : create raw buy revoke transaction

func CreateRawSellMarketTxCmd

func CreateRawSellMarketTxCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawSellMarketTxCmd : create raw sell market token transaction

func CreateRawTradeBuyTxCmd

func CreateRawTradeBuyTxCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawTradeBuyTxCmd : create raw buy token transaction

func CreateRawTradeRevokeTxCmd

func CreateRawTradeRevokeTxCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawTradeRevokeTxCmd : create raw revoke token transaction

func CreateRawTradeSellTxCmd

func CreateRawTradeSellTxCmd() *cobra.Command

CreateRawTradeSellTxCmd : create raw sell token transaction

func ShowOnesBuyOrderCmd

func ShowOnesBuyOrderCmd() *cobra.Command

ShowOnesBuyOrderCmd : show one's buy order

func ShowOnesBuyOrdersStatusCmd

func ShowOnesBuyOrdersStatusCmd() *cobra.Command

ShowOnesBuyOrdersStatusCmd : show one's buy order with status

func ShowOnesOrdersStatusCmd

func ShowOnesOrdersStatusCmd() *cobra.Command

ShowOnesOrdersStatusCmd : show one's order with status specified

func ShowOnesSellOrdersCmd

func ShowOnesSellOrdersCmd() *cobra.Command

ShowOnesSellOrdersCmd : show one's sell order

func ShowOnesSellOrdersStatusCmd

func ShowOnesSellOrdersStatusCmd() *cobra.Command

ShowOnesSellOrdersStatusCmd : show one's sell order with status

func ShowTokenBuyOrdersStatusCmd

func ShowTokenBuyOrdersStatusCmd() *cobra.Command

ShowTokenBuyOrdersStatusCmd : show token buy order with status

func ShowTokenSellOrdersStatusCmd

func ShowTokenSellOrdersStatusCmd() *cobra.Command

ShowTokenSellOrdersStatusCmd : show token sell order with status

func TradeCmd

func TradeCmd() *cobra.Command

TradeCmd : cmd related to trade,安装trade合约相关命令


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