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type APIVersion

type APIVersion string

APIVersion is an enum with the supported envoy API versions.

const (
	// APIv2 is the envoy v2 API version.
	APIv2 APIVersion = "v2"
	// APIv3 is the envoy v2 API version.
	APIv3 APIVersion = "v3"

func ParseAPIVersion

func ParseAPIVersion(version string) (APIVersion, error)

ParseAPIVersion returns an APIVersion for the given string or an error

func (APIVersion) String

func (version APIVersion) String() string

String returns the string representation of APIVersion

type Resource

type Resource interface {

Resource is the base interface for the xDS payload. Any envoy resource type implements this interface.

type Type

type Type string

Type is an enum of the supported envoy resource types

const (
	// Endpoint is an envoy endpoint resource
	Endpoint Type = "Endpoint"
	// Cluster is an envoy cluster resource
	Cluster Type = "Cluster"
	// Route is an envoy route resource
	Route Type = "Route"
	// Listener is an envoy listener resource
	Listener Type = "Listener"
	// Secret is an envoy secret resource
	Secret Type = "Secret"
	// Runtime is an envoy runtime resource
	Runtime Type = "Runtime"

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