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const (
	// consts reflect key values in instance config - exported as required for yaml generation by cli
	AppIDAttributeKey  = "app_id"
	AppKeyAttributeKey = "app_key"
	OIDCAttributeKey   = "client_id"


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type AdapterConfig

type AdapterConfig struct {
	Authorizer Authorizer
	//gRPC connection keepalive duration
	KeepAliveMaxAge time.Duration

AdapterConfig wraps optional configuration for the 3scale adapter

type Authorizer

type Authorizer interface {
	GetSystemConfiguration(systemURL string, request authorizer.SystemRequest) (client.ProxyConfig, error)
	AuthRep(backendURL string, request authorizer.BackendRequest) (*authorizer.BackendResponse, error)
	OauthAuthRep(backendURL string, request authorizer.BackendRequest) (*authorizer.BackendResponse, error)

type Server

type Server interface {
	Addr() string
	Close() error
	Run(shutdown chan error)

Server interface - specifies the interface for gRPC server/adapter

func NewThreescale

func NewThreescale(addr string, conf *AdapterConfig) (Server, error)

NewThreescale returns a Server interface

type Threescale

type Threescale struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Threescale contains the Listener and the server

func (*Threescale) Addr

func (s *Threescale) Addr() string

Addr returns the Threescale addrs as a string

func (*Threescale) Close

func (s *Threescale) Close() error

Close stops the Threescale grpc Server

func (*Threescale) HandleAuthorization

HandleAuthorization takes care of the authorization request from mixer

func (*Threescale) Run

func (s *Threescale) Run(shutdown chan error)

Run starts the Threescale grpc Server

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