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type Cache

type Cache interface {
	SetSnapshot(string, Snapshot) error
	GetSnapshot(string) (Snapshot, error)
	NewSnapshot(string) Snapshot

Cache is a snapshot-based cache that maintains a single versioned snapshot of responses per node. SnapshotCache consistently replies with the latest snapshot. For the protocol to work correctly in ADS mode, EDS/RDS requests are responded only when all resources in the snapshot xDS response are named as part of the request. It is expected that the CDS response names all EDS clusters, and the LDS response names all RDS routes in a snapshot, to ensure that Envoy makes the request for all EDS clusters or RDS routes eventually.

type Snapshot

type Snapshot interface {
	Consistent() error
	SetResource(string, envoy.Resource)
	GetResources(envoy.Type) map[string]envoy.Resource
	GetVersion(envoy.Type) string
	SetVersion(envoy.Type, string)

Snapshot is an internally consistent snapshot of xDS resources. Consistency is important for the convergence as different resource types from the snapshot may be delivered to the proxy in arbitrary order.

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