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type GeneratorFunction

type GeneratorFunction func() client.Object

GeneratorFunction is a function that returns a client.Object

type LockedResource

type LockedResource struct {
	GeneratorFn  GeneratorFunction
	ExcludePaths []string

LockedResource is a struct that instructs the reconciler how to generate and reconcile a resource

type Reconciler

type Reconciler struct {

Reconciler computes a list of resources that it needs to keep in place

func NewFromManager

func NewFromManager(mgr manager.Manager, recorder record.EventRecorder, clusterWatchers bool) Reconciler

NewFromManager constructs a new Reconciler from the given manager

func (*Reconciler) IsInitialized

func (r *Reconciler) IsInitialized(instance client.Object, finalizer string) bool

IsInitialized can be used to check if instance is correctly initialized. Returns false if it isn't.

func (*Reconciler) ManageCleanUpLogic

func (r *Reconciler) ManageCleanUpLogic(instance client.Object, log logr.Logger) error

ManageCleanUpLogic contains finalization logic for the LockedResourcesReconciler

func (*Reconciler) NewLockedResources

func (r *Reconciler) NewLockedResources(list []LockedResource, owner client.Object) ([]lockedresource.LockedResource, error)

NewLockedResources returns the list of lockedresource.LockedResource that the reconciler needs to enforce

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