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const (
	// PodSelectorKey is the label key used as Pod selector
	PodSelectorKey = "deployment"


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type BaseOptionsV2 added in v0.12.0

type BaseOptionsV2 struct {
	Component    string
	InstanceName string
	Namespace    string
	Labels       map[string]string

BaseOptions configures the generators for a component

func (*BaseOptionsV2) GetComponent added in v0.12.0

func (bo *BaseOptionsV2) GetComponent() string

GetComponent returns the name of the component

func (*BaseOptionsV2) GetInstanceName added in v0.12.0

func (bo *BaseOptionsV2) GetInstanceName() string

GetInstanceName returns the name of the custom resource instance

func (*BaseOptionsV2) GetKey added in v0.12.0

func (bo *BaseOptionsV2) GetKey() types.NamespacedName

Key returns a types.NamespacedName

func (*BaseOptionsV2) GetLabels added in v0.12.0

func (bo *BaseOptionsV2) GetLabels() map[string]string

GetLabels returns metadata labels

func (*BaseOptionsV2) GetNamespace added in v0.12.0

func (bo *BaseOptionsV2) GetNamespace() string

GetNamespace returns the custom resource namespace

func (*BaseOptionsV2) GetSelector added in v0.12.0

func (bo *BaseOptionsV2) GetSelector() map[string]string

GetSelector returns the LabelSelector struct that matches the labels in

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