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func IsAlnum

func IsAlnum(str string) bool

func IsDate

func IsDate(str string, format ...string) bool

add by hzwy23 IsDate check if the string is date ,the formatter support 2006-01-02 or 2006/01/02.

func IsEmail

func IsEmail(str string) bool

func IsEmpty

func IsEmpty(str string) bool

add by hzwy23 IsEmpty check if the string contains any character, but spacing is invalid.

func IsFloat

func IsFloat(str string) bool

func IsIn

func IsIn(str string, params ...string) bool

check if string str is a member of the set of strings params

func IsMobilePhone

func IsMobilePhone(str string) bool

add by hzwy23 IsMobilePhone check if the str is mobile phone number.

func IsNull

func IsNull(str string) bool

func IsNumeric

func IsNumeric(str string) bool

func IsURI

func IsURI(str string) bool

add by hzwy23 IsURI check if the string is URI address, relation address and absolute address is valid.

func IsWord

func IsWord(str string, params bool

add by hzwy23 IsWord check if the string contains letters and numbers. Empty string is invalid. params accept 2 arguments first argument is min len. second argument is max len.


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