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func DefaultFormat

func DefaultFormat() string

DefaultFormat returns the default image format

func DefaultHistory

func DefaultHistory() bool

DefaultHistory returns the default add-history setting

func DefaultIsolation

func DefaultIsolation() string

DefaultIsolation returns the default image format

func GetBudFlags

func GetBudFlags(flags *BudResults) pflag.FlagSet

GetBudFlags returns common bud flags

func GetFromAndBudFlags

func GetFromAndBudFlags(flags *FromAndBudResults, usernsResults *UserNSResults, namespaceResults *NameSpaceResults) pflag.FlagSet

func GetLayerFlags

func GetLayerFlags(flags *LayerResults) pflag.FlagSet

GetLayerFlags returns the common flags for layers

func GetNameSpaceFlags

func GetNameSpaceFlags(flags *NameSpaceResults) pflag.FlagSet

GetNameSpaceFlags returns the common flags for a namespace menu

func GetUserNSFlags

func GetUserNSFlags(flags *UserNSResults) pflag.FlagSet

GetUserNSFlags returns the common flags for usernamespace

func UseLayers

func UseLayers() bool

UseLayers returns true if BUILDAH_LAYERS is set to "1" or "true" otherwise it returns false

func VerifyFlagsArgsOrder

func VerifyFlagsArgsOrder(args []string) error


type BudResults

type BudResults struct {
	Annotation          []string
	Authfile            string
	BuildArg            []string
	CacheFrom           string
	CertDir             string
	Compress            bool
	Creds               string
	DisableCompression  bool
	DisableContentTrust bool
	File                []string
	Format              string
	Iidfile             string
	Label               []string
	Logfile             string
	Loglevel            int
	NoCache             bool
	Platform            string
	Pull                bool
	PullAlways          bool
	Quiet               bool
	Rm                  bool
	Runtime             string
	RuntimeFlags        []string
	SignaturePolicy     string
	Squash              bool
	Tag                 []string
	Target              string
	TlsVerify           bool

BudResults represents the results for Bud flags

type FromAndBudResults

type FromAndBudResults struct {
	AddHost      []string
	BlobCache    string
	CapAdd       []string
	CapDrop      []string
	CgroupParent string
	CPUPeriod    uint64
	CPUQuota     int64
	CPUSetCPUs   string
	CPUSetMems   string
	CPUShares    uint64
	DNSSearch    []string
	DNSServers   []string
	DNSOptions   []string
	HttpProxy    bool
	Isolation    string
	Memory       string
	MemorySwap   string
	SecurityOpt  []string
	ShmSize      string
	Ulimit       []string
	Volume       []string

FromAndBugResults represents the results for common flags in bud and from

type LayerResults

type LayerResults struct {
	ForceRm bool
	Layers  bool

LayerResults represents the results of the layer flags

type NameSpaceResults

type NameSpaceResults struct {
	IPC           string
	Network       string
	CNIConfigDir  string
	CNIPlugInPath string
	PID           string
	UTS           string

NameSpaceResults represents the results for Namespace flags

type UserNSResults

type UserNSResults struct {
	UserNS            string
	UserNSUIDMap      []string
	UserNSGIDMap      []string
	UserNSUIDMapUser  string
	UserNSGIDMapGroup string

UserNSResults represents the results for the UserNS flags

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