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func Catch

func Catch(err error, hook func())

Catch global catch func

func LocalIP

func LocalIP() (ipv4 string, err error)

func ParseKind

func ParseKind(str string, kind reflect.Kind) interface{}



type ClientContext

type ClientContext struct {
	Scanner  config.Scanner
	Property config.Exchange
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func Client

func Client(client config.Exchange, hooks ClientHooks) ClientContext

func (ClientContext) Shutdown

func (ctx ClientContext) Shutdown()

func (ClientContext) Write

func (ctx ClientContext) Write(buffer []byte)

type ClientHooks

type ClientHooks struct {
	Started   func()
	Connected func(server net.Conn, ctx ClientContext)
	Ready     func(ctx ClientContext)
	Received  func([]byte)

type FuncParser

type FuncParser interface {
	// msg string in format as @func(...args)
	Parse(msg string) config.Func

FuncParser convert string to func

type GitLog

type GitLog struct {
	Message string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

GitLog struct parsed

func ParseLine

func ParseLine(text string) GitLog

type GitLogDailyFormatter

type GitLogDailyFormatter struct{}

func (GitLogDailyFormatter) Format

func (GitLogDailyFormatter) Format(logs []GitLog) string

type GitLogParser

type GitLogParser struct{}

func (GitLogParser) Parse

func (GitLogParser) Parse(headFilePath string, start int64, end int64) []GitLog

type GitRelease

type GitRelease struct {
	Name    string            `json:"name"`
	TagName string            `json:"tag_name"`
	Assets  []GitReleaseAsset `json:"assets"`

type GitReleaseAsset

type GitReleaseAsset struct {
	Url  string `json:"browser_download_url"`
	Name string `json:"name"`
	Size int64  `json:"size"`

type LogParser

type LogParser interface {
	// Parse parse head file to GitLog
	Parse(headFilePath string, start int64, end int64) []GitLog

type ServerContext

type ServerContext struct {
	Scanner     config.Scanner
	Connections map[string]net.Conn
	Property    config.Exchange
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func Bootstrap

func Bootstrap(server config.Exchange, hooks ServerHooks) ServerContext

func (ServerContext) Shutdown

func (ctx ServerContext) Shutdown()

func (ServerContext) Write

func (ctx ServerContext) Write(buffer []byte)

type ServerHooks

type ServerHooks struct {
	Started func(ctx ServerContext)
	// client connection is successful
	Accepted func(client net.Conn, ctx ServerContext)
	Received func(buffer []byte, ctx ServerContext, conn net.Conn)
	Ready    func(ctx ServerContext)
	Deleted  func(client net.Conn, ctx ServerContext)

type SmartFuncParser

type SmartFuncParser struct{}

func (SmartFuncParser) Parse

func (SmartFuncParser) Parse(msg string) (config.Func, error)

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