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type Attachable

type Attachable struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Attachable) Attach

func (a *Attachable) Attach()

func (*Attachable) Attached

func (a *Attachable) Attached() bool

func (*Attachable) Detach

func (a *Attachable) Detach()

func (*Attachable) Init

func (a *Attachable) Init(outer AttachableOuter)

func (*Attachable) OnAttach

func (a *Attachable) OnAttach(f func()) gxui.EventSubscription

func (*Attachable) OnDetach

func (a *Attachable) OnDetach(f func()) gxui.EventSubscription

type AttachableOuter

type AttachableOuter interface {

type BackgroundBorderPainter

type BackgroundBorderPainter struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*BackgroundBorderPainter) BackgroundBrush

func (b *BackgroundBorderPainter) BackgroundBrush() gxui.Brush

func (*BackgroundBorderPainter) BorderPen

func (b *BackgroundBorderPainter) BorderPen() gxui.Pen

func (*BackgroundBorderPainter) Init

func (*BackgroundBorderPainter) PaintBackground

func (b *BackgroundBorderPainter) PaintBackground(c gxui.Canvas, r math.Rect)

func (*BackgroundBorderPainter) PaintBorder

func (b *BackgroundBorderPainter) PaintBorder(c gxui.Canvas, r math.Rect)

func (*BackgroundBorderPainter) SetBackgroundBrush

func (b *BackgroundBorderPainter) SetBackgroundBrush(brush gxui.Brush)

func (*BackgroundBorderPainter) SetBorderPen

func (b *BackgroundBorderPainter) SetBorderPen(pen gxui.Pen)

type BackgroundBorderPainterOuter

type BackgroundBorderPainterOuter interface {

type Container

type Container struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Container) AddChild

func (c *Container) AddChild(control gxui.Control) *gxui.Child

gxui.Container compliance

func (*Container) AddChildAt

func (c *Container) AddChildAt(index int, control gxui.Control) *gxui.Child

func (*Container) Children

func (c *Container) Children() gxui.Children

gxui.Parent compliance

func (*Container) ContainsPoint

func (c *Container) ContainsPoint(p math.Point) bool

func (*Container) Init

func (c *Container) Init(outer ContainerOuter)

func (*Container) IsMouseEventTarget

func (c *Container) IsMouseEventTarget() bool

func (*Container) RelayoutSuspended

func (c *Container) RelayoutSuspended() bool

RelayoutSuspended returns true if adding or removing a child Control to this Container will not trigger a relayout of this Container. The default is false where any mutation will trigger a relayout.

func (*Container) RemoveAll

func (c *Container) RemoveAll()

func (*Container) RemoveChild

func (c *Container) RemoveChild(control gxui.Control)

func (*Container) RemoveChildAt

func (c *Container) RemoveChildAt(index int)

func (*Container) SetMouseEventTarget

func (c *Container) SetMouseEventTarget(mouseEventTarget bool)

func (*Container) SetRelayoutSuspended

func (c *Container) SetRelayoutSuspended(enable bool)

SetRelayoutSuspended enables or disables relayout of the Container on adding or removing a child Control to this Container.

type DrawPaint

type DrawPaint struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*DrawPaint) Draw

func (d *DrawPaint) Draw() gxui.Canvas

func (*DrawPaint) Init

func (d *DrawPaint) Init(outer DrawPaintOuter, theme gxui.Theme)

func (*DrawPaint) Redraw

func (d *DrawPaint) Redraw()

type DrawPaintOuter

type DrawPaintOuter interface {

type Focusable

type Focusable struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Focusable) GainedFocus

func (f *Focusable) GainedFocus()

func (*Focusable) HasFocus

func (f *Focusable) HasFocus() bool

func (*Focusable) Init

func (f *Focusable) Init(outer FocusableOuter)

func (*Focusable) IsFocusable

func (f *Focusable) IsFocusable() bool

gxui.Control compliance

func (*Focusable) LostFocus

func (f *Focusable) LostFocus()

func (*Focusable) OnGainedFocus

func (f *Focusable) OnGainedFocus(l func()) gxui.EventSubscription

func (*Focusable) OnLostFocus

func (f *Focusable) OnLostFocus(l func()) gxui.EventSubscription

func (*Focusable) SetFocusable

func (f *Focusable) SetFocusable(bool)

type FocusableOuter

type FocusableOuter interface{}

type InputEventHandler

type InputEventHandler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*InputEventHandler) Click

func (m *InputEventHandler) Click(ev gxui.MouseEvent) (consume bool)

func (*InputEventHandler) DoubleClick

func (m *InputEventHandler) DoubleClick(ev gxui.MouseEvent) (consume bool)

func (*InputEventHandler) Init

func (*InputEventHandler) IsMouseDown

func (m *InputEventHandler) IsMouseDown(button gxui.MouseButton) bool

func (*InputEventHandler) IsMouseOver

func (m *InputEventHandler) IsMouseOver() bool

func (*InputEventHandler) KeyDown

func (m *InputEventHandler) KeyDown(ev gxui.KeyboardEvent)

func (*InputEventHandler) KeyPress

func (m *InputEventHandler) KeyPress(ev gxui.KeyboardEvent) (consume bool)

func (*InputEventHandler) KeyRepeat

func (m *InputEventHandler) KeyRepeat(ev gxui.KeyboardEvent)

func (*InputEventHandler) KeyStroke

func (m *InputEventHandler) KeyStroke(ev gxui.KeyStrokeEvent) (consume bool)

func (*InputEventHandler) KeyUp

func (m *InputEventHandler) KeyUp(ev gxui.KeyboardEvent)

func (*InputEventHandler) MouseDown

func (m *InputEventHandler) MouseDown(ev gxui.MouseEvent)

func (*InputEventHandler) MouseEnter

func (m *InputEventHandler) MouseEnter(ev gxui.MouseEvent)

func (*InputEventHandler) MouseExit

func (m *InputEventHandler) MouseExit(ev gxui.MouseEvent)

func (*InputEventHandler) MouseMove

func (m *InputEventHandler) MouseMove(ev gxui.MouseEvent)

func (*InputEventHandler) MouseScroll

func (m *InputEventHandler) MouseScroll(ev gxui.MouseEvent) (consume bool)

func (*InputEventHandler) MouseUp

func (m *InputEventHandler) MouseUp(ev gxui.MouseEvent)

func (*InputEventHandler) OnClick

func (*InputEventHandler) OnDoubleClick

func (m *InputEventHandler) OnDoubleClick(f func(gxui.MouseEvent)) gxui.EventSubscription

func (*InputEventHandler) OnKeyDown

func (*InputEventHandler) OnKeyPress

func (*InputEventHandler) OnKeyRepeat

func (m *InputEventHandler) OnKeyRepeat(f func(gxui.KeyboardEvent)) gxui.EventSubscription

func (*InputEventHandler) OnKeyStroke

func (*InputEventHandler) OnKeyUp

func (*InputEventHandler) OnMouseDown

func (m *InputEventHandler) OnMouseDown(f func(gxui.MouseEvent)) gxui.EventSubscription

func (*InputEventHandler) OnMouseEnter

func (m *InputEventHandler) OnMouseEnter(f func(gxui.MouseEvent)) gxui.EventSubscription

func (*InputEventHandler) OnMouseExit

func (m *InputEventHandler) OnMouseExit(f func(gxui.MouseEvent)) gxui.EventSubscription

func (*InputEventHandler) OnMouseMove

func (m *InputEventHandler) OnMouseMove(f func(gxui.MouseEvent)) gxui.EventSubscription

func (*InputEventHandler) OnMouseScroll

func (m *InputEventHandler) OnMouseScroll(f func(gxui.MouseEvent)) gxui.EventSubscription

func (*InputEventHandler) OnMouseUp

func (m *InputEventHandler) OnMouseUp(f func(gxui.MouseEvent)) gxui.EventSubscription

type InputEventHandlerOuter

type InputEventHandlerOuter interface{}

type Layoutable

type Layoutable struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Layoutable) Init

func (l *Layoutable) Init(outer LayoutableOuter, theme gxui.Theme)

func (*Layoutable) Margin

func (l *Layoutable) Margin() math.Spacing

func (*Layoutable) Relayout

func (l *Layoutable) Relayout()

func (*Layoutable) SetMargin

func (l *Layoutable) SetMargin(m math.Spacing)

func (*Layoutable) SetSize

func (l *Layoutable) SetSize(size math.Size)

func (*Layoutable) Size

func (l *Layoutable) Size() math.Size

type LayoutableOuter

type LayoutableOuter interface {

type LinearLayout

type LinearLayout struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*LinearLayout) DesiredSize

func (l *LinearLayout) DesiredSize(min, max math.Size) math.Size

func (*LinearLayout) Direction

func (l *LinearLayout) Direction() gxui.Direction

func (*LinearLayout) HorizontalAlignment

func (l *LinearLayout) HorizontalAlignment() gxui.HorizontalAlignment

func (*LinearLayout) Init

func (l *LinearLayout) Init(outer LinearLayoutOuter)

func (*LinearLayout) LayoutChildren

func (l *LinearLayout) LayoutChildren()

func (*LinearLayout) SetDirection

func (l *LinearLayout) SetDirection(d gxui.Direction)

func (*LinearLayout) SetHorizontalAlignment

func (l *LinearLayout) SetHorizontalAlignment(alignment gxui.HorizontalAlignment)

func (*LinearLayout) SetSizeMode

func (l *LinearLayout) SetSizeMode(mode gxui.SizeMode)

func (*LinearLayout) SetVerticalAlignment

func (l *LinearLayout) SetVerticalAlignment(alignment gxui.VerticalAlignment)

func (*LinearLayout) SizeMode

func (l *LinearLayout) SizeMode() gxui.SizeMode

func (*LinearLayout) VerticalAlignment

func (l *LinearLayout) VerticalAlignment() gxui.VerticalAlignment

type LinearLayoutOuter

type LinearLayoutOuter interface {

type Paddable

type Paddable struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Paddable) Init

func (p *Paddable) Init(outer PaddableOuter)

func (*Paddable) Padding

func (p *Paddable) Padding() math.Spacing

func (*Paddable) SetPadding

func (p *Paddable) SetPadding(m math.Spacing)

type PaddableOuter

type PaddableOuter interface {

type PaintChildren

type PaintChildren struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*PaintChildren) Init

func (p *PaintChildren) Init(outer PaintChildrenOuter)

func (*PaintChildren) Paint

func (p *PaintChildren) Paint(c gxui.Canvas)

func (*PaintChildren) PaintChild

func (p *PaintChildren) PaintChild(c gxui.Canvas, child *gxui.Child, idx int)

type PaintChildrenOuter

type PaintChildrenOuter interface {

type Parentable

type Parentable struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Parentable) Init

func (p *Parentable) Init(outer ParentableOuter)

func (*Parentable) Parent

func (p *Parentable) Parent() gxui.Parent

func (*Parentable) SetParent

func (p *Parentable) SetParent(parent gxui.Parent)

type ParentableOuter

type ParentableOuter interface{}

type Visible

type Visible struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Visible) Init

func (v *Visible) Init(outer VisibleOuter)

func (*Visible) IsVisible

func (v *Visible) IsVisible() bool

func (*Visible) SetVisible

func (v *Visible) SetVisible(visible bool)

type VisibleOuter

type VisibleOuter interface {

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