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Create a CLI tool in <10 second without any performance decrease.

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What is Ezcli?

Ezcli is a Go package for building CLI tools easily.


  • Initialize your project with go mod init <name>
  • Get Ezcli with go get github.com/5elenay/ezcli

API Reference

Click here for API reference. (pkg.go.dev sometime does not update package version, so use https://pkg.go.dev/github.com/5elenay/ezcli@<latest version> for get the API reference for latest version.)



Simple example for Ezcli.

package main

import (


func main() {
    handler := ezcli.NewApp("test") // Create handle function also gives built-in help command. So you don't need to write a help command yourself.

    // Adding a new command.
        Name:        "hello", // Command name.
        Description: "Say hello world!", // Command description.
        Options: []*ezcli.CommandOption{ // Command options (example: -force, -confirm etc...).
                Name:        "test", // Option name.
                Description: "A test command", // Option description.
        Execute: func(c *ezcli.Command) { // The function will run.
            fmt.Println("Hello Command!")

    handler.Handle() // Handle commands.

Now lets compile our app with go build .

Time to test our app! Run the compiled app with ./<name> help

You should get the following result:

List of all commands. For more information, add a command name parameter to command.
  help | Built-in help command for application.
  hello | Say hello world!

Lets test our hello command with ./<name> hello:

Hello Command!

Congrats, you created your first app with Ezcli!


This project is licensed under MIT license.



Private functions that helps Ezcli.



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type Command

type Command struct {
	Name, Description string
	Options           []*CommandOption
	Usages, Aliases   []string
	CommandData       *CommandData
	Execute           func(c *Command)
	SubCommands       []*SubCommand

Command struct.

func (*Command) FindOption

func (c *Command) FindOption(name string, fn func(o *CommandOption))

Find an option template from command.

func (Command) FindSubcommand added in v1.2.0

func (c Command) FindSubcommand(name string, fn func(sc *SubCommand)) error

Find Sub-command

type CommandData

type CommandData struct {
	Arguments []string
	Options   []*CommandOption

Command Data struct (arguments, options...)

func (*CommandData) FindOption

func (c *CommandData) FindOption(name string, fn func(o *CommandOption))

Find an option from command data.

type CommandHandler

type CommandHandler struct {
	Name                string
	Commands            []*Command
	CommandNotFoundFunc func()

Command Handler struct.

func NewApp added in v1.2.0

func NewApp(appName string) *CommandHandler

Create a command handler with built-in help command.

func (*CommandHandler) AddCommand

func (ch *CommandHandler) AddCommand(c *Command)

Add a new command to the handler.

func (*CommandHandler) AddCommands

func (ch *CommandHandler) AddCommands(cs []*Command)

Add more command to the handler.

func (*CommandHandler) FindCommand

func (ch *CommandHandler) FindCommand(name string, fn func(c *Command) error) error

Find a command from handler.

func (*CommandHandler) Handle

func (ch *CommandHandler) Handle()

Handle commands.

func (*CommandHandler) SetName added in v1.2.0

func (ch *CommandHandler) SetName(name string)

Set App Name

func (*CommandHandler) SetNotFoundFunction

func (ch *CommandHandler) SetNotFoundFunction(fn func())

Set error function that will run when command not found.

type CommandOption

type CommandOption struct {
	Name, Description, Value string
	Aliases                  []string

Command option (flag) struct.

type Question added in v1.2.0

type Question struct {
	Input, Answer string

Question struct.

func (*Question) Ask added in v1.2.0

func (q *Question) Ask() error

Ask the question.

type SubCommand added in v1.2.0

type SubCommand struct {
	Name, Description string
	Usages            []string
	CommandData       *CommandData
	Execute           func(sc *SubCommand)

Sub-Command struct

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