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type CommandTag

type CommandTag string

CommandTag is the result of an Exec function

type CopyFromSource

type CopyFromSource interface {
	// Next returns true if there is another row and makes the next row data
	// available to Values(). When there are no more rows available or an error
	// has occurred it returns false.
	Next() bool

	// Values returns the values for the current row.
	Values() ([]interface{}, error)

	// Err returns any error that has been encountered by the CopyFromSource. If
	// this is not nil *Conn.CopyFrom will abort the copy.
	Err() error

CopyFromSource is the interface used by *Conn.CopyFrom as the source for copy data.

func CopyFromRows

func CopyFromRows(rows [][]interface{}) CopyFromSource

CopyFromRows returns a CopyFromSource interface over the provided rows slice making it usable by *Conn.CopyFrom.

type FieldDescription

type FieldDescription struct {
	Name            string
	Table           Oid
	AttributeNumber int16
	DataType        Oid
	DataTypeSize    int16
	DataTypeName    string
	Modifier        int32
	FormatCode      int16

type Identifier

type Identifier []string

Identifier a PostgreSQL identifier or name. Identifiers can be composed of multiple parts such as ["schema", "table"] or ["table", "column"].

type Mocker

type Mocker interface {
	QueriesRun() []onedb.MethodsRun
	SaveMethodCall(name string, arguments []interface{})
	VerifyNextCommand(t *testing.T, name string, expected ...interface{})

Mocker is the interface for mocking and includes all of the PGXer interface plus 3 methods to make testing easier

func NewMock

func NewMock(copyFromErr, execErr error, data ...interface{}) Mocker

NewMock returns a Mock PGX instance from a set of parameters

type Oid

type Oid uint32

Oid (Object Identifier Type) is, according to, used internally by PostgreSQL as a primary key for various system tables. It is currently implemented as an unsigned four-byte integer. Its definition can be found in src/include/postgres_ext.h in the PostgreSQL sources.

type PGXQuerier

type PGXQuerier interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

type PGXer

type PGXer interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

func NewPgx

func NewPgx(server string, port uint16, username string, password string, database string) (PGXer, error)

NewPgx returns a PGX DBer instance from a set of parameters

func NewPgxFromURI

func NewPgxFromURI(uri string) (PGXer, error)

NewPgxFromURI returns a PGX DBer instance from a connection URI

type Rower

type Rower interface {
	AfterClose(f func(Rower)) // modified from pgxRower to use interface
	Close() error             // modified from pgxRower to match database/sql
	Conn() *pgx.Conn
	Err() error
	Fatal(err error)
	FieldDescriptions() []FieldDescription
	Next() bool
	Values() ([]interface{}, error)

	Columns() ([]string, error) // added

Rower is the public interface for all the capability found in a *pgx.Rows. Note that the Close method returns an error similar to how database/sql's rows Close returns and error

type Txer

type Txer interface {
	Commit() error
	Conn() *pgx.Conn
	Rollback() error
	Status() int8

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