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const (
	PathRoot           = "/"
	PathInit           = "/start"
	PathSearch         = "/search"
	PathOpensearch     = "/opensearch.xml"
	PathBlogs          = "/blogs"
	PathConsoleDist    = "/console/dist"
	PathAdmin          = "/admin"
	PathAPI            = "/api"
	PathFavicon        = "/favicon.ico"
	PathTheme          = "/theme"
	PathActivities     = "/activities"
	PathArchives       = "/archives"
	PathArticles       = "/articles"
	PathAuthors        = "/authors"
	PathCategories     = "/categories"
	PathTags           = "/tags"
	PathComments       = "/comments"
	PathAtom           = "/atom"
	PathRSS            = "/rss"
	PathSitemap        = "/sitemap.xml"
	PathChangelogs     = "/changelogs"
	PathRobots         = "/robots.txt"
	PathAPIsSymArticle = "/apis/symphony/article"
	PathAPIsSymComment = "/apis/symphony/comment"
	PathPlatInfo       = "/blog/info"
	PathManifest       = "/manifest.json"

Path prefixes.

const (
	CodeOk      = 0  // OK
	CodeErr     = -1 // general error
	CodeAuthErr = 2  // unauthenticated request

Result codes.

const CommunityFileURL = ""

CommunityFileURL is the community file service URL.

const HacPaiURL = ""

HacPaiURL is the URL of HacPai community.

func CurrentMillisecond

func CurrentMillisecond() uint64

CurrentMillisecond returns the current time in millisecond.

func GetPage

func GetPage(c *gin.Context) int

GetPage returns paging parameter.

func GetRemoteAddr

func GetRemoteAddr(c *gin.Context) string

GetRemoteAddr returns remote address of the context.

func HacPaiAPI

func HacPaiAPI() gin.HandlerFunc

HacPaiAPI is a reverse proxy for

func ImageSize

func ImageSize(imageURL string, width, height int) string

ImageSize returns image URL of Qiniu image processing style with the specified width and height.

func IsBot

func IsBot(uaStr string) bool

IsBot checks the specified user-agent is a bot.

func IsDomain

func IsDomain(s string) bool

IsDomain checks the specified string is domain name.

func IsIP

func IsIP(s string) bool

IsIP checks the specified string is IP.

func IsReservedPath

func IsReservedPath(path string) bool

IsReservedPath checks the specified path is a reserved path or not.

func RandImage

func RandImage() string

RandImage returns an image URL randomly for article thumbnail.

func RandImages

func RandImages(n int) []string

RandImages returns random image URLs.

type MarkdownResult

type MarkdownResult struct {
	ContentHTML  string
	AbstractText string
	ThumbURL     string

MarkdownResult represents markdown result.

func Markdown

func Markdown(mdText string) *MarkdownResult

Markdown process the specified markdown text to HTML.

type Pagination

type Pagination struct {
	CurrentPageNum  int    `json:"currentPageNum"`
	PageSize        int    `json:"pageSize"`
	PageCount       int    `json:"pageCount"`
	WindowSize      int    `json:"windowSize"`
	RecordCount     int    `json:"recordCount"`
	PageNums        []int  `json:"pageNums"`
	NextPageNum     int    `json:"nextPageNum"`
	PreviousPageNum int    `json:"previousPageNum"`
	FirstPageNum    int    `json:"firstPageNum"`
	LastPageNum     int    `json:"lastPageNum"`
	PageURL         string `json:"pageURL"`

Pagination represents pagination info.

func NewPagination

func NewPagination(currentPageNum, pageSize, windowSize, recordCount int) *Pagination

NewPagination creates a new pagination with the specified current page num, page size, window size and record count.

type SessionData

type SessionData struct {
	UID     uint64 // user ID
	UName   string // username
	UB3Key  string // user B3 key
	URole   int    // user role
	UAvatar string // user avatar URL
	BID     uint64 // blog ID
	BURL    string // blog url

SessionData represents the session.

func GetSession

func GetSession(c *gin.Context) *SessionData

GetSession returns session of the specified context.

func (*SessionData) AvatarURLWithSize

func (sd *SessionData) AvatarURLWithSize(size int) string

AvatarURLWithSize returns avatar URL with the specified size.

func (*SessionData) Save

func (sd *SessionData) Save(c *gin.Context) error

Save saves the current session of the specified context.

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