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Published: Sep 21, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:



const ParseFailed = "GRAPHQL_PARSE_FAILED"
const ValidationFailed = "GRAPHQL_VALIDATION_FAILED"

func RegisterErrorType

func RegisterErrorType(code string, kind ErrorKind)

RegisterErrorType should be called by extensions that want to customize the http status codes for errors they return

func Set

func Set(err *gqlerror.Error, value string)

Set the error code on a given graphql error extension

type ErrorKind

type ErrorKind int
const (
	// issues with graphql (validation, parsing).  422s in http, GQL_ERROR in websocket
	KindProtocol ErrorKind = iota
	// user errors, 200s in http, GQL_DATA in websocket

func GetErrorKind

func GetErrorKind(errs gqlerror.List) ErrorKind

get the kind of the first non User error, defaults to User if no errors have a custom extension

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