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func NewExecutableSchema

func NewExecutableSchema(cfg Config) graphql.ExecutableSchema

NewExecutableSchema creates an ExecutableSchema from the ResolverRoot interface.


type ComplexityRoot

type ComplexityRoot struct {
	Mutation struct {
		CreateTodo func(childComplexity int, input NewTodo) int

	Query struct {
		Todos func(childComplexity int) int

	Todo struct {
		DatabaseID  func(childComplexity int) int
		Description func(childComplexity int) int
		Done        func(childComplexity int) int
		ID          func(childComplexity int) int
		User        func(childComplexity int) int

	User struct {
		FullName func(childComplexity int) int
		ID       func(childComplexity int) int

type Config

type Config struct {
	Resolvers  ResolverRoot
	Directives DirectiveRoot
	Complexity ComplexityRoot

func New

func New() Config

type DirectiveRoot

type DirectiveRoot struct {

type MutationResolver

type MutationResolver interface {
	CreateTodo(ctx context.Context, input NewTodo) (*Todo, error)

type NewTodo

type NewTodo struct {
	Text   string `json:"text"`
	UserID string `json:"userId"`

type QueryResolver

type QueryResolver interface {
	Todos(ctx context.Context) ([]*Todo, error)

type Resolver

type Resolver struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Resolver) Mutation

func (r *Resolver) Mutation() MutationResolver

Mutation returns MutationResolver implementation.

func (*Resolver) Query

func (r *Resolver) Query() QueryResolver

Query returns QueryResolver implementation.

func (*Resolver) Todo

func (r *Resolver) Todo() TodoResolver

Todo returns TodoResolver implementation.

type ResolverRoot

type ResolverRoot interface {
	Mutation() MutationResolver
	Query() QueryResolver
	Todo() TodoResolver

type Todo

type Todo struct {
	ID          string `json:"id"`
	DatabaseID  int    `json:"databaseId"`
	Description string `json:"text"`
	Done        bool   `json:"done"`
	User        *User  `json:"user"`

type TodoResolver

type TodoResolver interface {
	ID(ctx context.Context, obj *Todo) (string, error)

type User

type User struct {
	ID                  string
	FirstName, LastName string

func (*User) FullName

func (user *User) FullName() string


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