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type ApqStats

type ApqStats struct {
	// The hash of the incoming query
	Hash string

	// SentQuery is true if the incoming request sent the full query
	SentQuery bool

func GetApqStats

func GetApqStats(ctx context.Context) *ApqStats

type AutomaticPersistedQuery

type AutomaticPersistedQuery struct {
	Cache graphql.Cache

    AutomaticPersistedQuery saves client upload by optimistically sending only the hashes of queries, if the server does not yet know what the query is for the hash it will respond telling the client to send the query along with the hash in the next request. see

    func (AutomaticPersistedQuery) ExtensionName

    func (a AutomaticPersistedQuery) ExtensionName() string

    func (AutomaticPersistedQuery) MutateOperationParameters

    func (a AutomaticPersistedQuery) MutateOperationParameters(ctx context.Context, rawParams *graphql.RawParams) *gqlerror.Error

    func (AutomaticPersistedQuery) Validate

    type ComplexityLimit

    type ComplexityLimit struct {
    	Func func(ctx context.Context, rc *graphql.OperationContext) int
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      ComplexityLimit allows you to define a limit on query complexity

      If a query is submitted that exceeds the limit, a 422 status code will be returned.

      func FixedComplexityLimit

      func FixedComplexityLimit(limit int) *ComplexityLimit

        FixedComplexityLimit sets a complexity limit that does not change

        func (ComplexityLimit) ExtensionName

        func (c ComplexityLimit) ExtensionName() string

        func (ComplexityLimit) MutateOperationContext

        func (c ComplexityLimit) MutateOperationContext(ctx context.Context, rc *graphql.OperationContext) *gqlerror.Error

        func (*ComplexityLimit) Validate

        func (c *ComplexityLimit) Validate(schema graphql.ExecutableSchema) error

        type ComplexityStats

        type ComplexityStats struct {
        	// The calculated complexity for this request
        	Complexity int
        	// The complexity limit for this request returned by the extension func
        	ComplexityLimit int

        func GetComplexityStats

        func GetComplexityStats(ctx context.Context) *ComplexityStats

        type Introspection

        type Introspection struct{}

          EnableIntrospection enables clients to reflect all of the types available on the graph.

          func (Introspection) ExtensionName

          func (c Introspection) ExtensionName() string

          func (Introspection) MutateOperationContext

          func (c Introspection) MutateOperationContext(ctx context.Context, rc *graphql.OperationContext) *gqlerror.Error

          func (Introspection) Validate

          func (c Introspection) Validate(schema graphql.ExecutableSchema) error