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func AutoTeeAdd

func AutoTeeAdd(commands []string, tty bool, interactive bool, env *environments.Environment)

AutoTeeAdd adds a commands to the list of commands which should be executed automatically by tee.

func AutoTeeCreate

func AutoTeeCreate(command string, env *environments.Environment)

AutoTeeCreate creates a command to execute regarding to the auto tee information.

func AutoTeeList

func AutoTeeList(env *environments.Environment)

AutoTeeList returns a formatted list of the commands which should be executed with tee automatically. Basically output looks like

ls [interactive=false, pseudoTty=false] python [interactive=false, pseudoTty=false] ssh [interactive=false, pseudoTty=false]/

where first column is interactive mode (-x) and second is pseudoTty (-y) 1 means true, 0 means false.

func AutoTeeRemove

func AutoTeeRemove(commands []string, env *environments.Environment)

AutoTeeRemove removes a commands from the list of commands which should be executed automatically by tee.

func Bookmark

func Bookmark(commandNumber int, bookmarkAs string, env *environments.Environment)

Bookmark implements "b" (bookmark) command.

func ExecuteBookmark

func ExecuteBookmark(name string, interactive bool, pseudoTTY bool, env *environments.Environment)

ExecuteBookmark executes command by its bookmark name.

func ExecuteCommandNumber

func ExecuteCommandNumber(number int, interactive bool, pseudoTTY bool, env *environments.Environment)

ExecuteCommandNumber executes command by its number in history file.

func GC

func GC(gcType GcType, gcDir GcDir, param int, env *environments.Environment)

GC implements g (garbage collecting) command.

func ListBookmarks

func ListBookmarks(env *environments.Environment)

ListBookmarks prints the list of bookmarks with their content

func ListTrace

func ListTrace(argument string, env *environments.Environment)

ListTrace implements l command (list trace).

func RemoveBookmarks

func RemoveBookmarks(bookmarks []string, env *environments.Environment)

RemoveBookmarks removes the list of bookmarks from the storage.

func Show

func Show(slice *slices.Slice, filter *utils.Regexp, env *environments.Environment)

Show implements s (show) command.

func Tee

func Tee(input string, interactive bool, pseudoTTY bool, env *environments.Environment)

Tee implements t (trace, tee) command.


type GcDir

type GcDir uint8

GcDir is the directory where GC has to be performed.

const (
	GcTracesDir GcDir = iota

Directories for garbage collecting.

type GcType

type GcType uint8

GcType is the type of GC to execute.

const (
	GcAll GcType = iota

Types of garbage collecting.