Package fake has the automatically generated clients.



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    type FakeBatch

    type FakeBatch struct {

    func (*FakeBatch) Jobs

    func (c *FakeBatch) Jobs(namespace string) internalversion.JobInterface

    func (*FakeBatch) RESTClient

    func (c *FakeBatch) RESTClient() rest.Interface

      RESTClient returns a RESTClient that is used to communicate with API server by this client implementation.

      type FakeJobs

      type FakeJobs struct {
      	Fake *FakeBatch
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        FakeJobs implements JobInterface

        func (*FakeJobs) Create

        func (c *FakeJobs) Create(job *batch.Job) (result *batch.Job, err error)

        func (*FakeJobs) Delete

        func (c *FakeJobs) Delete(name string, options *v1.DeleteOptions) error

        func (*FakeJobs) DeleteCollection

        func (c *FakeJobs) DeleteCollection(options *v1.DeleteOptions, listOptions v1.ListOptions) error

        func (*FakeJobs) Get

        func (c *FakeJobs) Get(name string, options v1.GetOptions) (result *batch.Job, err error)

        func (*FakeJobs) List

        func (c *FakeJobs) List(opts v1.ListOptions) (result *batch.JobList, err error)

        func (*FakeJobs) Patch

        func (c *FakeJobs) Patch(name string, pt types.PatchType, data []byte, subresources ...string) (result *batch.Job, err error)

          Patch applies the patch and returns the patched job.

          func (*FakeJobs) Update

          func (c *FakeJobs) Update(job *batch.Job) (result *batch.Job, err error)

          func (*FakeJobs) UpdateStatus

          func (c *FakeJobs) UpdateStatus(job *batch.Job) (*batch.Job, error)

          func (*FakeJobs) Watch

          func (c *FakeJobs) Watch(opts v1.ListOptions) (watch.Interface, error)

            Watch returns a watch.Interface that watches the requested jobs.