Package api is the internal version of the API.



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const GroupName = ""


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var (
	SchemeBuilder = runtime.NewSchemeBuilder(addKnownTypes)
	AddToScheme   = SchemeBuilder.AddToScheme
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var SchemeGroupVersion = schema.GroupVersion{Group: GroupName, Version: runtime.APIVersionInternal}

SchemeGroupVersion is group version used to register these objects


func DeepCopy_apiregistration_APIService

func DeepCopy_apiregistration_APIService(in interface{}, out interface{}, c *conversion.Cloner) error

func DeepCopy_apiregistration_APIServiceList

func DeepCopy_apiregistration_APIServiceList(in interface{}, out interface{}, c *conversion.Cloner) error

func DeepCopy_apiregistration_APIServiceSpec

func DeepCopy_apiregistration_APIServiceSpec(in interface{}, out interface{}, c *conversion.Cloner) error

func DeepCopy_apiregistration_APIServiceStatus

func DeepCopy_apiregistration_APIServiceStatus(in interface{}, out interface{}, c *conversion.Cloner) error

func DeepCopy_apiregistration_ServiceReference

func DeepCopy_apiregistration_ServiceReference(in interface{}, out interface{}, c *conversion.Cloner) error

func Kind

func Kind(kind string) schema.GroupKind

Kind takes an unqualified kind and returns back a Group qualified GroupKind

func RegisterDeepCopies

func RegisterDeepCopies(scheme *runtime.Scheme) error

RegisterDeepCopies adds deep-copy functions to the given scheme. Public to allow building arbitrary schemes.

func Resource

func Resource(resource string) schema.GroupResource

Resource takes an unqualified resource and returns back a Group qualified GroupResource

func SortedByGroup

func SortedByGroup(servers []*APIService) [][]*APIService


type APIService

type APIService struct {

	// Spec contains information for locating and communicating with a server
	Spec APIServiceSpec
	// Status contains derived information about an API server
	Status APIServiceStatus

APIService represents a server for a particular GroupVersion. Name must be "".

type APIServiceList

type APIServiceList struct {

	Items []APIService

APIServiceList is a list of APIService objects.

type APIServiceSpec

type APIServiceSpec struct {
	// Service is a reference to the service for this API server.  It must communicate
	// on port 443
	Service ServiceReference
	// Group is the API group name this server hosts
	Group string
	// Version is the API version this server hosts.  For example, "v1"
	Version string

	// InsecureSkipTLSVerify disables TLS certificate verification when communicating with this server.
	// This is strongly discouraged.  You should use the CABundle instead.
	InsecureSkipTLSVerify bool
	// CABundle is a PEM encoded CA bundle which will be used to validate an API server's serving certificate.
	CABundle []byte

	// Priority controls the ordering of this API group in the overall discovery document that gets served.
	// Client tools like `kubectl` use this ordering to derive preference, so this ordering mechanism is important.
	// Values must be between 1 and 1000
	// The primary sort is based on priority, ordered lowest number to highest (10 before 20).
	// The secondary sort is based on the alphabetical comparison of the name of the object.  ( before
	// We'd recommend something like: * (except extensions) at 100, extensions at 150
	// PaaSes (OpenShift, Deis) are recommended to be in the 200s
	Priority int64

APIServiceSpec contains information for locating and communicating with a server. Only https is supported, though you are able to disable certificate verification.

type APIServiceStatus

type APIServiceStatus struct {

APIServiceStatus contains derived information about an API server

type ByPriority

type ByPriority []*APIService

func (ByPriority) Len

func (s ByPriority) Len() int

func (ByPriority) Less

func (s ByPriority) Less(i, j int) bool

func (ByPriority) Swap

func (s ByPriority) Swap(i, j int)

type ServiceReference

type ServiceReference struct {
	// Namespace is the namespace of the service
	Namespace string
	// Name is the name of the service
	Name string

ServiceReference holds a reference to


Path Synopsis
v1alpha1 Package v1alpha1 is the v1alpha1 version of the API.