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const (
	ServiceAccountUsernamePrefix    = "system:serviceaccount:"
	ServiceAccountUsernameSeparator = ":"
	ServiceAccountGroupPrefix       = "system:serviceaccounts:"
	AllServiceAccountsGroup         = "system:serviceaccounts"


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func MakeGroupNames

func MakeGroupNames(namespace, name string) []string

    MakeGroupNames generates service account group names for the given namespace and ServiceAccount name

    func MakeNamespaceGroupName

    func MakeNamespaceGroupName(namespace string) string

      MakeNamespaceGroupName returns the name of the group all service accounts in the namespace are included in

      func MakeUsername

      func MakeUsername(namespace, name string) string

        MakeUsername generates a username from the given namespace and ServiceAccount name. The resulting username can be passed to SplitUsername to extract the original namespace and ServiceAccount name.

        func SplitUsername

        func SplitUsername(username string) (string, string, error)

          SplitUsername returns the namespace and ServiceAccount name embedded in the given username, or an error if the username is not a valid name produced by MakeUsername


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