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func GetOperationIDAndTags

func GetOperationIDAndTags(servePath string, r *restful.Route) (string, []string, error)

    GetOperationIDAndTags returns a customize operation ID and a list of tags for kubernetes API server's OpenAPI spec to prevent duplicate IDs.

    func ToValidOperationID

    func ToValidOperationID(s string, capitalizeFirstLetter bool) string

      ToValidOperationID makes an string a valid op ID (e.g. removing punctuations and whitespaces and make it camel case)


      type DefinitionNamer

      type DefinitionNamer struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        DefinitionNamer is the type to customize OpenAPI definition name.

        func NewDefinitionNamer

        func NewDefinitionNamer(s *runtime.Scheme) DefinitionNamer

          NewDefinitionNamer constructs a new DefinitionNamer to be used to customize OpenAPI spec.

          func (*DefinitionNamer) GetDefinitionName

          func (d *DefinitionNamer) GetDefinitionName(servePath string, name string) (string, spec.Extensions)

            GetDefinitionName returns the name and tags for a given definition

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