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type AssignFunc

type AssignFunc func([]runtime.Object) []runtime.Object

type CreateFunc

type CreateFunc func(genericapirequest.Context, runtime.Object) error

type EmitFunc

type EmitFunc func(runtime.Object, string) error

type InitWatchFunc

type InitWatchFunc func()

type InjectErrFunc

type InjectErrFunc func(err error)

type IsErrorFunc

type IsErrorFunc func(err error) bool

type SetRVFunc

type SetRVFunc func(uint64)

type Tester

type Tester struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(t *testing.T, storage rest.Storage, scheme *runtime.Scheme) *Tester

func (*Tester) AllowCreateOnUpdate

func (t *Tester) AllowCreateOnUpdate() *Tester

func (*Tester) ClusterScope

func (t *Tester) ClusterScope() *Tester

func (*Tester) GeneratesName

func (t *Tester) GeneratesName() *Tester

func (*Tester) Namer

func (t *Tester) Namer(namer func(int) string) *Tester

    Namer allows providing a custom name maker By default "foo%d" is used

    func (*Tester) ReturnDeletedObject

    func (t *Tester) ReturnDeletedObject() *Tester

    func (*Tester) TestContext

    func (t *Tester) TestContext() genericapirequest.Context

      TestContext returns a namespaced context that will be used when making storage calls. Namespace is determined by TestNamespace()

      func (*Tester) TestCreate

      func (t *Tester) TestCreate(valid runtime.Object, createFn CreateFunc, getFn GetFunc, invalid ...runtime.Object)

        Test creating an object.

        func (*Tester) TestDelete

        func (t *Tester) TestDelete(valid runtime.Object, createFn CreateFunc, getFn GetFunc, isNotFoundFn IsErrorFunc)

          Test deleting an object.

          func (*Tester) TestDeleteGraceful

          func (t *Tester) TestDeleteGraceful(valid runtime.Object, createFn CreateFunc, getFn GetFunc, expectedGrace int64)

            Test gracefully deleting an object.

            func (*Tester) TestGet

            func (t *Tester) TestGet(valid runtime.Object)

              Test getting object.

              func (*Tester) TestList

              func (t *Tester) TestList(valid runtime.Object, assignFn AssignFunc)

                Test listing objects.

                func (*Tester) TestNamespace

                func (t *Tester) TestNamespace() string

                  TestNamespace returns the namespace that will be used when creating contexts. Returns NamespaceNone for cluster-scoped objects.

                  func (*Tester) TestUpdate

                  func (t *Tester) TestUpdate(valid runtime.Object, createFn CreateFunc, getFn GetFunc, updateFn UpdateFunc, invalidUpdateFn ...UpdateFunc)

                    Test updating an object.

                    func (*Tester) TestWatch

                    func (t *Tester) TestWatch(
                    	valid runtime.Object, emitFn EmitFunc,
                    	labelsPass, labelsFail []labels.Set, fieldsPass, fieldsFail []fields.Set, actions []string)

                      Test watching objects.

                      type UpdateFunc

                      type UpdateFunc func(runtime.Object) runtime.Object

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