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type DelayQueue

type DelayQueue struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DelayQueue is an unbounded blocking queue of *Delayed* elements, in which an element can only be taken when its delay has expired. The head of the queue is the *Delayed* element whose delay expired furthest in the past.

func New

func New(size int64) *DelayQueue

New creates an instance of delayQueue with the specified size.

func (*DelayQueue) Offer

func (dq *DelayQueue) Offer(value interface{}, expiration time.Time)

Offer inserts the element into the current queue.

func (*DelayQueue) Poll

func (dq *DelayQueue) Poll(noticC chan interface{})

Poll starts an infinite loop, in which it continually waits for an element to expire and then send the expired element to the timing wheel via the channel C.

func (*DelayQueue) Stop

func (dq *DelayQueue) Stop()

Stop poll

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