Package wire contains Alluxio file system wire types.



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const (
	// BitsNone represents no access.
	BitsNone Bits = "NONE"
	// BitsExecute represent execute access.
	BitsExecute = "EXECUTE"
	// BitsWrite represents write access.
	BitsWrite = "WRITE"
	// BitsWriteExecute represents write and execute access.
	BitsWriteExecute = "WRITE_EXECUTE"
	// BitsRead represents read access.
	BitsRead = "READ"
	// BitsReadExecute represents read and execute access.
	BitsReadExecute = "READ_EXECUTE"
	// BitsReadWrite represents read and write access.
	BitsReadWrite = "READ_WRITE"
	// BitsAll represents read, write, and execute access
	BitsAll = "ALL"
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const (
	// LoadMetadataTypeNever means metadata should never be loaded.
	LoadMetadataTypeNever LoadMetadataType = "Never"
	// LoadMetadataTypeOnce means metadata should be loaded once.
	LoadMetadataTypeOnce = "Once"
	// LoadMetadataTypeAlways means metadata should always be loaded.
	LoadMetadataTypeAlways = "Always"
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const (
	// ReadTypeNoCache means data will be not cached.
	ReadTypeNoCache ReadType = "NO_CACHE"
	// ReadTypeCache means data will be cached.
	ReadTypeCache = "CACHE"
	// ReadTypeCachePromote mans data will be cached in the top tier.
	ReadTypeCachePromote = "CACHE_PROMOTE"
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const (
	// WriteTypeMustCache means the data will be stored in Alluxio.
	WriteTypeMustCache WriteType = "MUST_CACHE"
	// WriteTypeCacheThrough means the data will be stored in Alluxio and
	// synchronously written to UFS.
	WriteTypeCacheThrough = "CACHE_THROUGH"
	// WriteTypeThrough means the data will be sychrounously written to UFS.
	WriteTypeThrough = "THROUGH"
	// WriteTypeAsyncThrough means the data will be stored in Alluxio and
	// asynchrounously written to UFS.
	WriteTypeAsyncThrough = "ASYNC_THROUGH"
	// WriteTypeNone means the data will no be stored.
	WriteTypeNone = "NONE"


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type Bits

type Bits string

Bits represents access mode's bits.

type BlockInfo

type BlockInfo struct {
	// BlockID is the block id.
	BlockID int64
	// Length is the block length.
	Length int64
	// Locations holds the block locations.
	Locations []BlockLocation

BlockInfo represents a block's information.

type BlockLocation

type BlockLocation struct {
	// WorkerID is the worker id.
	WorkerID int64
	// WorkerAddress is the worker network address.
	WorkerAddress WorkerNetAddress
	// TierAlias is the tier alias.
	TierAlias string

BlockLocation represents a block's location.

type FileBlockInfo

type FileBlockInfo struct {
	// BlockInfo is the block information
	BlockInfo BlockInfo
	// Offset is the file offset.
	Offset int64
	// UfsLocations holds the UFS locations.
	UfsLocations []string

FileBlockInfo represents a file block's information.

type FileInfo

type FileInfo struct {
	// BlockIds holds the block ids.
	BlockIds []int64
	// BlockSizeBytes is the block size (in bytes).
	BlockSizeBytes int64
	// Cacheable determines whether the file is cacheable.
	Cacheable bool
	// Completed determines whether the file is completed.
	Completed bool
	// CreationTimesMs is the creation time (in milliseconds).
	CreationTimeMs int64
	// FileBlockInfos holds the file block information.
	FileBlockInfos []FileBlockInfo
	// FileID is the file id.
	FileID int64
	// Folder determines whether the file is a folder.
	Folder bool
	// Group is the group.
	Group string
	// InMemoryPercentage represents the in-memory percentage.
	InMemoryPercentage int32
	// LastModificationTimeMs is the last modification time (in milliseconds).
	LastModificationTimeMs int64
	// Length is the file length.
	Length int64
	// Name is the file name.
	Name string
	// Path is the file path.
	Path string
	// Persisted determines whether file is persisted.
	Persisted bool
	// PersistenceState represents the persistence state.
	PersistenceState string
	// Pinned determines whether the file is pinned.
	Pinned bool
	// Mode is the access mode.
	Mode int32
	// MountPoint determines whether the file is a mount point.
	MountPoint bool
	// Owner is the owner.
	Owner string
	// TTL is the time-to-live window.
	TTL int64
	// TTLAction si the time-to-live action.
	TTLAction string
	// UfsPath is the UFS path.
	UfsPath string

FileInfo represents a file's information.

type FileInfos

type FileInfos []FileInfo

FileInfos represents a list of file information.

func (FileInfos) Len

func (fis FileInfos) Len() int

func (FileInfos) Less

func (fis FileInfos) Less(i, j int) bool

func (FileInfos) Swap

func (fis FileInfos) Swap(i, j int)

type LoadMetadataType

type LoadMetadataType string

LoadMetadataType represents the load metadata type.

type Mode

type Mode struct {
	// OwnerBits represents the owner access mode
	OwnerBits Bits `json:"ownerBits"`
	// GroupBits represents the group access mode
	GroupBits Bits `json:"groupBits"`
	// OtherBits represents the other access mode
	OtherBits Bits `json:"otherBits"`

Mode represents the file's access mode.

type ReadType

type ReadType string

ReadType represents a read type.

type TTLAction

type TTLAction string

TTLAction represents a TTL action.

const (
	// TTLActionDelete represents the action of deleting a path.
	TTLActionDelete TTLAction = "DELETE"
	// TTLActionFree represents the action of freeing a path.
	TTLActionFree = "FREE"

type WorkerNetAddress

type WorkerNetAddress struct {
	// Host is the hostname.
	Host string
	// RPCPort is the RPC port.
	RPCPort int
	// DataPort is the data port.
	DataPort int
	// WebPort is the web port.
	WebPort int

WorkerNetAddress represents a worker's net address.

type WriteType

type WriteType string

WriteType represents a write type.