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Published: Mar 12, 2015 | License: AGPL-3.0 | Module:


func DataDir

func DataDir(series string) (string, error)

DataDir returns a filesystem path to the folder used by juju to store tools, charms, locks, etc

func JujuRun

func JujuRun(series string) (string, error)

JujuRun returns the absolute path to the juju-run binary for a particula series

func LogDir

func LogDir(series string) (string, error)

LogDir returns filesystem path the directory where juju may save log files.

func MongorestorePath

func MongorestorePath() (string, error)

mongorestorePath will look for mongorestore binary on the system and return it if mongorestore actually exists. it will look first for the juju provided one and if not found make a try at a system one.

func MustSucceed

func MustSucceed(s string, e error) string

func TempDir

func TempDir(series string) (string, error)

TempDir returns the path on disk to the corect tmp directory for the series. This value will be the same on virtually all linux systems, but will differ on windows

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