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type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Client holds the information for the client we will use for communicating with the buildkit controller.

    func New

    func New(root, backend string, localDirs map[string]string) (*Client, error)

      New returns a new client for communicating with the buildkit controller.

      func (*Client) Close

      func (c *Client) Close()

        Close safely closes the client. This used to shut down the FUSE server but since that was removed it is basically a no-op now.

        func (*Client) DiskUsage

          DiskUsage returns the disk usage being consumed by the buildkit controller.

          func (*Client) ListImages

          func (c *Client) ListImages(ctx context.Context, filters ...string) ([]ListedImage, error)

            ListImages returns the images from the image store.

            func (*Client) Prune

            func (c *Client) Prune(ctx context.Context) ([]*controlapi.UsageRecord, error)

              Prune calls Prune on the worker.

              func (*Client) Pull

              func (c *Client) Pull(ctx context.Context, image string) (*ListedImage, error)

                Pull retrieves an image from a remote registry.

                func (*Client) Push

                func (c *Client) Push(ctx context.Context, image string, insecure bool) error

                  Push sends an image to a remote registry.

                  func (*Client) RemoveImage

                  func (c *Client) RemoveImage(ctx context.Context, image string) error

                    RemoveImage removes image from the image store.

                    func (*Client) SaveImage

                    func (c *Client) SaveImage(ctx context.Context, image, format string, writer io.WriteCloser) error

                      SaveImage exports an image as a tarball which can then be imported by docker.

                      func (*Client) Session

                      func (c *Client) Session(ctx context.Context) (*session.Session, session.Dialer, error)

                        Session creates the session manager and returns the session and it's dialer.

                        func (*Client) Solve

                          Solve calls Solve on the controller.

                          func (*Client) TagImage

                          func (c *Client) TagImage(ctx context.Context, src, dest string) error

                            TagImage creates a reference to an image with a specific name in the image store.

                            func (*Client) Unpack

                            func (c *Client) Unpack(ctx context.Context, image, dest string) error

                              Unpack exports an image to a rootfs destination directory.

                              type ListedImage

                              type ListedImage struct {
                              	ContentSize int64

                                ListedImage represents an image structure returuned from ListImages. It extends containerd/images.Image with extra fields.