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Published: Dec 7, 2023 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 23 Imported by: 33




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const (
	OpenShiftClustersDequeueQuery       = `` /* 207-byte string literal not displayed */
	OpenShiftClustersQueueLengthQuery   = `` /* 220-byte string literal not displayed */
	OpenShiftClustersGetQuery           = `SELECT * FROM OpenShiftClusters doc WHERE doc.key = @key`
	OpenshiftClustersPrefixQuery        = `SELECT * FROM OpenShiftClusters doc WHERE STARTSWITH(doc.key, @prefix)`
	OpenshiftClustersClientIdQuery      = `SELECT * FROM OpenShiftClusters doc WHERE doc.clientIdKey = @clientID`
	OpenshiftClustersResourceGroupQuery = `SELECT * FROM OpenShiftClusters doc WHERE doc.clusterResourceGroupIdKey = @resourceGroupID`
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const (
	ClusterManagerConfigurationsGetQuery = `SELECT * FROM ClusterManagerConfigurations doc WHERE doc.key = @key`
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const SubscriptionsDequeueQuery string = `SELECT * FROM Subscriptions doc WHERE (doc.deleting ?? false) AND (doc.leaseExpires ?? 0) < GetCurrentTimestamp() / 1000`


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func EmitMetrics

func EmitMetrics(ctx context.Context, log *logrus.Entry, dbOpenShiftClusters OpenShiftClusters, m metrics.Emitter)

func NewDatabaseClient

func NewDatabaseClient(log *logrus.Entry, _env env.Core, authorizer cosmosdb.Authorizer, m metrics.Emitter, aead encryption.AEAD, databaseAccountName string) (cosmosdb.DatabaseClient, error)

func NewJSONHandle

func NewJSONHandle(aead encryption.AEAD) (*codec.JsonHandle, error)

func NewMasterKeyAuthorizer

func NewMasterKeyAuthorizer(ctx context.Context, token azcore.TokenCredential, clientOptions *policy.ClientOptions, subscriptionID, resourceGroup, databaseAccountName string) (cosmosdb.Authorizer, error)


type AsyncOperations

AsyncOperations is the database interface for AsyncOperationDocuments

func NewAsyncOperations

func NewAsyncOperations(ctx context.Context, isLocalDevelopmentMode bool, dbc cosmosdb.DatabaseClient, dbName string) (AsyncOperations, error)

NewAsyncOperations returns a new AsyncOperations

func NewAsyncOperationsWithProvidedClient

func NewAsyncOperationsWithProvidedClient(client cosmosdb.AsyncOperationDocumentClient, uuidGenerator uuid.Generator) AsyncOperations

type Billing

Billing is the database interface for BillingDocuments

func NewBilling

func NewBilling(ctx context.Context, dbc cosmosdb.DatabaseClient, dbName string) (Billing, error)

NewBilling returns a new Billing

func NewBillingWithProvidedClient

func NewBillingWithProvidedClient(client cosmosdb.BillingDocumentClient) Billing

type Gateway

func NewGateway

func NewGateway(ctx context.Context, dbc cosmosdb.DatabaseClient, dbName string) (Gateway, error)

func NewGatewayWithProvidedClient

func NewGatewayWithProvidedClient(client cosmosdb.GatewayDocumentClient, uuidGenerator uuid.Generator) Gateway

type Monitors

type Monitors interface {
	Create(context.Context, *api.MonitorDocument) (*api.MonitorDocument, error)
	PatchWithLease(context.Context, string, func(*api.MonitorDocument) error) (*api.MonitorDocument, error)
	TryLease(context.Context) (*api.MonitorDocument, error)
	ListBuckets(context.Context) ([]int, error)
	ListMonitors(context.Context) (*api.MonitorDocuments, error)
	MonitorHeartbeat(context.Context) error

Monitors is the database interface for MonitorDocuments

func NewMonitors

func NewMonitors(ctx context.Context, dbc cosmosdb.DatabaseClient, dbName string) (Monitors, error)

NewMonitors returns a new Monitors

type OpenShiftClusterDocumentMutator

type OpenShiftClusterDocumentMutator func(*api.OpenShiftClusterDocument) error

type OpenShiftClusters

OpenShiftClusters is the database interface for OpenShiftClusterDocuments

func NewOpenShiftClusters

func NewOpenShiftClusters(ctx context.Context, dbc cosmosdb.DatabaseClient, dbName string) (OpenShiftClusters, error)

NewOpenShiftClusters returns a new OpenShiftClusters

func NewOpenShiftClustersWithProvidedClient

func NewOpenShiftClustersWithProvidedClient(client cosmosdb.OpenShiftClusterDocumentClient, collectionClient cosmosdb.CollectionClient, uuid string, uuidGenerator uuid.Generator) OpenShiftClusters

type Portal

Portal is the database interface for PortalDocuments

func NewPortal

func NewPortal(ctx context.Context, dbc cosmosdb.DatabaseClient, dbName string) (Portal, error)

NewPortal returns a new Portal

func NewPortalWithProvidedClient

func NewPortalWithProvidedClient(client cosmosdb.PortalDocumentClient, uuidGenerator uuid.Generator) Portal

type Subscriptions

Subscriptions is the database interface for SubscriptionDocuments

func NewSubscriptions

func NewSubscriptions(ctx context.Context, dbc cosmosdb.DatabaseClient, dbName string) (Subscriptions, error)

NewSubscriptions returns a new Subscriptions

func NewSubscriptionsWithProvidedClient

func NewSubscriptionsWithProvidedClient(client cosmosdb.SubscriptionDocumentClient, uuid string) Subscriptions


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