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const (
	MSI_URL = ""


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func GetAzureQueueLength

func GetAzureQueueLength(ctx context.Context, usePodIdentity bool, connectionString, queueName string, accountName string) (int32, error)

    GetAzureQueueLength returns the length of a queue in int

    func GetEventHubClient

    func GetEventHubClient(connectionString string) (*eventhub.Hub, error)

      GetEventHubClient returns eventhub client

      func GetQueueEntityFromNamespace

      func GetQueueEntityFromNamespace(ctx context.Context, ns *servicebus.Namespace, queueName string) (int32, error)

      func GetStorageCredentials

      func GetStorageCredentials(storageConnection string) (azure.Environment, *azblob.SharedKeyCredential, error)

        GetStorageCredentials returns azure env and storage credentials

        func GetSubscriptionEntityFromNamespace

        func GetSubscriptionEntityFromNamespace(ctx context.Context, ns *servicebus.Namespace, topicName, subscriptionName string) (int32, error)

        func NewLiiklusScaler

        func NewLiiklusScaler(resolvedEnv map[string]string, metadata map[string]string) (*liiklusScaler, error)

        func ParseAzureEventHubConnectionString

        func ParseAzureEventHubConnectionString(connectionString string) (string, string, error)

          ParseAzureEventHubConnectionString parses Event Hub connection string into (namespace, name)

          Connection string should be in following format:

          func ParseAzureStorageConnectionString

          func ParseAzureStorageConnectionString(connectionString string) (string, string, string, string, error)

            ParseAzureStorageConnectionString parses a storage account connection string into (endpointProtocol, accountName, key, endpointSuffix)

            Connection string should be in following format:


            type AADToken

            type AADToken struct {
            	AccessToken  string `json:"access_token"`
            	RefreshToken string `json:"refresh_token"`
            	ExpiresIn    string `json:"expires_in"`
            	ExpiresOn    string `json:"expires_on"`
            	NotBefore    string `json:"not_before"`
            	Resource     string `json:"resource"`
            	TokenType    string `json:"token_type"`

              AADToken is the token from Azure AD

              type AzureEventHubScaler

              type AzureEventHubScaler struct {
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              func (*AzureEventHubScaler) Close

              func (scaler *AzureEventHubScaler) Close() error

                Close closes Azure Event Hub Scaler

                func (*AzureEventHubScaler) GetMetricSpecForScaling

                func (scaler *AzureEventHubScaler) GetMetricSpecForScaling() []v2beta1.MetricSpec

                  GetMetricSpecForScaling returns metric spec

                  func (*AzureEventHubScaler) GetMetrics

                  func (scaler *AzureEventHubScaler) GetMetrics(ctx context.Context, metricName string, metricSelector labels.Selector) ([]external_metrics.ExternalMetricValue, error)

                    GetMetrics returns metric using total number of unprocessed events in event hub

                    func (*AzureEventHubScaler) GetUnprocessedEventCountInPartition

                    func (scaler *AzureEventHubScaler) GetUnprocessedEventCountInPartition(ctx context.Context, partitionID string) (newEventCount int64, err error)

                      GetUnprocessedEventCountInPartition gets number of unprocessed events in a given partition

                      func (*AzureEventHubScaler) IsActive

                      func (scaler *AzureEventHubScaler) IsActive(ctx context.Context) (bool, error)

                        IsActive determines if eventhub is active based on number of unprocessed events

                        type Checkpoint

                        type Checkpoint struct {
                        	Epoch          int64  `json:"Epoch"`
                        	Offset         string `json:"Offset"`
                        	Owner          string `json:"Owner"`
                        	PartitionID    string `json:"PartitionId"`
                        	SequenceNumber int64  `json:"SequenceNumber"`
                        	Token          string `json:"Token"`

                        func GetCheckpointFromBlobStorage

                        func GetCheckpointFromBlobStorage(ctx context.Context, partitionID string, eventHubMetadata EventHubMetadata) (Checkpoint, error)

                          GetCheckpointFromBlobStorage accesses Blob storage and gets checkpoint information of a partition

                          type EntityType

                          type EntityType int
                          const (
                          	None         EntityType = 0
                          	Queue        EntityType = 1
                          	Subscription EntityType = 2

                          type EventHubMetadata

                          type EventHubMetadata struct {
                          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                          type GoogleApplicationCredentials

                          type GoogleApplicationCredentials struct {
                          	Type                string `json:"type"`
                          	ProjectID           string `json:"project_id"`
                          	PrivateKeyID        string `json:"private_key_id"`
                          	PrivateKey          string `json:"private_key"`
                          	ClientEmail         string `json:"client_email"`
                          	ClientID            string `json:"client_id"`
                          	AuthURI             string `json:"auth_uri"`
                          	TokenURI            string `json:"token_uri"`
                          	AuthProviderCertURL string `json:"auth_provider_x509_cert_url"`
                          	ClientX509CertURL   string `json:"client_x509_cert_url"`

                            GoogleApplicationCredentials is a struct representing the format of a service account credentials file

                            type Scaler

                            type Scaler interface {
                            	// The scaler returns the metric values for a metric Name and criteria matching the selector
                            	GetMetrics(ctx context.Context, metricName string, metricSelector labels.Selector) ([]external_metrics.ExternalMetricValue, error)
                            	//returns the metrics based on which this scaler determines that the deployment scales. This is used to contruct the HPA spec that is created for
                            	// this scaled object. The labels used should match the selectors used in GetMetrics
                            	GetMetricSpecForScaling() []v2beta1.MetricSpec
                            	IsActive(ctx context.Context) (bool, error)
                            	// Close any resources that need disposing when scaler is no longer used or destroyed
                            	Close() error

                            func NewAwsCloudwatchScaler

                            func NewAwsCloudwatchScaler(resolvedEnv, metadata map[string]string) (Scaler, error)

                              NewAwsCloudwatchScaler creates a new awsCloudwatchScaler

                              func NewAwsSqsQueueScaler

                              func NewAwsSqsQueueScaler(resolvedEnv, metadata map[string]string) (Scaler, error)

                                NewAwsSqsQueueScaler creates a new awsSqsQueueScaler

                                func NewAzureEventHubScaler

                                func NewAzureEventHubScaler(resolvedEnv, metadata map[string]string) (Scaler, error)

                                  NewAzureEventHubScaler creates a new scaler for eventHub

                                  func NewAzureQueueScaler

                                  func NewAzureQueueScaler(resolvedEnv, metadata map[string]string) (Scaler, error)

                                    NewAzureQueueScaler creates a new azureQueueScaler

                                    func NewAzureServiceBusScaler

                                    func NewAzureServiceBusScaler(resolvedEnv, metadata map[string]string) (Scaler, error)

                                      NewAzureServiceBusScaler creates a new AzureServiceBusScaler

                                      func NewKafkaScaler

                                      func NewKafkaScaler(resolvedSecrets, metadata map[string]string) (Scaler, error)

                                        NewKafkaScaler creates a new kafkaScaler

                                        func NewPrometheusScaler

                                        func NewPrometheusScaler(resolvedEnv, metadata map[string]string) (Scaler, error)

                                          NewPrometheusScaler creates a new prometheusScaler

                                          func NewPubSubScaler

                                          func NewPubSubScaler(resolvedEnv, metadata map[string]string) (Scaler, error)

                                            NewPubSubScaler creates a new pubsubScaler

                                            func NewRabbitMQScaler

                                            func NewRabbitMQScaler(resolvedEnv, metadata map[string]string) (Scaler, error)

                                              NewRabbitMQScaler creates a new rabbitMQ scaler

                                              func NewRedisScaler

                                              func NewRedisScaler(resolvedEnv, metadata map[string]string) (Scaler, error)

                                                NewRedisScaler creates a new redisScaler

                                                type StackDriverClient

                                                type StackDriverClient struct {
                                                	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                                                  StackDriverClient is a generic client to fetch metrics from Stackdriver. Can be used for a stackdriver scaler in the future

                                                  func NewStackDriverClient

                                                  func NewStackDriverClient(ctx context.Context, credentials string) (*StackDriverClient, error)

                                                    NewStackDriverClient creates a new stackdriver client with the credentials that are passed

                                                    func (StackDriverClient) GetMetrics

                                                    func (s StackDriverClient) GetMetrics(ctx context.Context, filter string) (int64, error)

                                                      GetMetrics fetches metrics from stackdriver for a specific filter for the last minute


                                                      Path Synopsis
                                                      Package mock_liiklus is a generated GoMock package.
                                                      Package mock_liiklus is a generated GoMock package.