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Package hostedservice provides a client for Hosted Services.



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const (
	CertificateFormatPfx = CertificateFormat("pfx")
	CertificateFormatCer = CertificateFormat("cer")


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type AvailabilityResponse

type AvailabilityResponse struct {
	Xmlns  string `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	Result bool
	Reason string

type CertificateFile

type CertificateFile struct {
	Xmlns             string `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	Data              string
	CertificateFormat CertificateFormat
	Password          string `xml:",omitempty"`

type CertificateFormat

type CertificateFormat string

type CreateHostedServiceParameters

type CreateHostedServiceParameters struct {
	XMLName        xml.Name `xml:" CreateHostedService"`
	ServiceName    string
	Label          string
	Description    string
	Location       string
	ReverseDNSFqdn string `xml:"ReverseDnsFqdn,omitempty"`

type HostedService

type HostedService struct {
	URL                               string `xml:"Url"`
	ServiceName                       string
	Description                       string `xml:"HostedServiceProperties>Description"`
	AffinityGroup                     string `xml:"HostedServiceProperties>AffinityGroup"`
	Location                          string `xml:"HostedServiceProperties>Location"`
	LabelBase64                       string `xml:"HostedServiceProperties>Label"`
	Label                             string
	Status                            string `xml:"HostedServiceProperties>Status"`
	ReverseDNSFqdn                    string `xml:"HostedServiceProperties>ReverseDnsFqdn"`
	DefaultWinRmCertificateThumbprint string

type HostedServiceClient

type HostedServiceClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

HostedServiceClient is used to perform operations on Azure Hosted Services

func NewClient

func NewClient(client management.Client) HostedServiceClient

NewClient is used to return a handle to the HostedService API

func (HostedServiceClient) AddCertificate

func (h HostedServiceClient) AddCertificate(dnsName string, certData []byte, certificateFormat CertificateFormat, password string) (management.OperationID, error)

func (HostedServiceClient) CheckHostedServiceNameAvailability

func (h HostedServiceClient) CheckHostedServiceNameAvailability(dnsName string) (AvailabilityResponse, error)

func (HostedServiceClient) CreateHostedService

func (h HostedServiceClient) CreateHostedService(params CreateHostedServiceParameters) error

func (HostedServiceClient) DeleteHostedService

func (h HostedServiceClient) DeleteHostedService(dnsName string, deleteDisksAndBlobs bool) (management.OperationID, error)

func (HostedServiceClient) GetHostedService

func (h HostedServiceClient) GetHostedService(name string) (HostedService, error)

func (HostedServiceClient) ListHostedServices

func (h HostedServiceClient) ListHostedServices() (ListHostedServicesResponse, error)

type ListHostedServicesResponse

type ListHostedServicesResponse struct {
	HostedServices []HostedService `xml:"HostedService"`

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