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Package storageservice provides a client for Storage Services.



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type AccountType

type AccountType string
const (
	AccountTypeStandardLRS   AccountType = "Standard_LRS"
	AccountTypeStandardZRS   AccountType = "Standard_ZRS"
	AccountTypeStandardGRS   AccountType = "Standard_GRS"
	AccountTypeStandardRAGRS AccountType = "Standard_RAGRS"
	AccountTypePremiumLRS    AccountType = "Premium_LRS"

type AvailabilityResponse

type AvailabilityResponse struct {
	XMLName xml.Name `xml:"AvailabilityResponse"`
	Xmlns   string   `xml:"xmlns,attr"`
	Result  bool
	Reason  string

type CreateStorageServiceInput

type CreateStorageServiceInput struct {
	XMLName xml.Name `xml:" CreateStorageServiceInput"`

type ExtendedProperty

type ExtendedProperty struct {
	Name  string
	Value string

type ExtendedPropertyList

type ExtendedPropertyList struct {
	ExtendedProperty []ExtendedProperty

type GetStorageServiceKeysResponse

type GetStorageServiceKeysResponse struct {
	URL          string `xml:"Url"`
	PrimaryKey   string `xml:"StorageServiceKeys>Primary"`
	SecondaryKey string `xml:"StorageServiceKeys>Secondary"`

type ListStorageServicesResponse

type ListStorageServicesResponse struct {
	StorageServices []StorageServiceResponse `xml:"StorageService"`

type StorageAccountCreateParameters

type StorageAccountCreateParameters struct {
	ServiceName        string
	Description        string `xml:",omitempty"`
	Label              string
	AffinityGroup      string `xml:",omitempty"`
	Location           string `xml:",omitempty"`
	ExtendedProperties ExtendedPropertyList
	AccountType        AccountType

type StorageServiceClient

type StorageServiceClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

StorageServiceClient is used to perform operations on Azure Storage

func NewClient

NewClient is used to instantiate a new StorageServiceClient from an Azure client.

func (StorageServiceClient) CheckStorageAccountNameAvailability

func (s StorageServiceClient) CheckStorageAccountNameAvailability(name string) (AvailabilityResponse, error)

CheckStorageAccountNameAvailability checks to if the specified storage account name is available.


func (StorageServiceClient) CreateStorageService

func (s StorageServiceClient) CreateStorageService(parameters StorageAccountCreateParameters) (management.OperationID, error)

func (StorageServiceClient) DeleteStorageService

func (s StorageServiceClient) DeleteStorageService(serviceName string) (management.OperationID, error)

func (StorageServiceClient) GetStorageService

func (s StorageServiceClient) GetStorageService(serviceName string) (StorageServiceResponse, error)

func (StorageServiceClient) GetStorageServiceKeys

func (s StorageServiceClient) GetStorageServiceKeys(serviceName string) (GetStorageServiceKeysResponse, error)

func (StorageServiceClient) ListStorageServices

func (s StorageServiceClient) ListStorageServices() (ListStorageServicesResponse, error)

type StorageServiceProperties

type StorageServiceProperties struct {
	Description           string
	Location              string
	Label                 string
	Status                string
	Endpoints             []string `xml:"Endpoints>Endpoint"`
	GeoReplicationEnabled string
	GeoPrimaryRegion      string

type StorageServiceResponse

type StorageServiceResponse struct {
	URL                      string `xml:"Url"`
	ServiceName              string
	StorageServiceProperties StorageServiceProperties

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