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func WriteOutput

func WriteOutput(outputPath string, output *GenerateOutput) error

WriteOutput writes the GenerateOutput to the specific file.


type Changelog

type Changelog struct {
	Content             *string   `json:"content,omitempty"`
	HasBreakingChange   *bool     `json:"hasBreakingChange,omitempty"`
	BreakingChangeItems *[]string `json:"breakingChangeItems,omitempty"`

Changelog ...

type GenerateInput

type GenerateInput struct {
	DryRun                  bool                          `json:"dryRun,omitempty,omitempty"`
	SpecFolder              string                        `json:"specFolder,omitempty"`
	HeadSha                 string                        `json:"headSha,omitempty"`
	HeadRef                 string                        `json:"headRef,omitempty"`
	RepoHTTPSURL            string                        `json:"repoHttpsUrl,omitempty"`
	Trigger                 string                        `json:"trigger,omitempty"`
	ChangedFiles            []string                      `json:"changedFiles,omitempty"`
	RelatedReadmeMdFiles    []string                      `json:"relatedReadmeMdFiles,omitempty"`
	InstallInstructionInput InstallInstructionScriptInput `json:"installInstructionInput,omitempty"`

GenerateInput ...

func NewGenerateInputFrom

func NewGenerateInputFrom(reader io.Reader) (*GenerateInput, error)

NewGenerateInputFrom ...

func ReadInput

func ReadInput(inputPath string) (*GenerateInput, error)

ReadInput returns a *GenerateInput using the filepath.

func (GenerateInput) String

func (i GenerateInput) String() string

String ...

type GenerateOutput

type GenerateOutput struct {
	Packages []PackageResult `json:"packages"`

GenerateOutput ...

func (GenerateOutput) String

func (o GenerateOutput) String() string

String ...

func (GenerateOutput) WriteTo

func (o GenerateOutput) WriteTo(writer io.Writer) (int64, error)

WriteTo ...

type InstallInstructionScriptInput

type InstallInstructionScriptInput struct {
	PackageName             string   `json:"packageName,omitempty"`
	Artifacts               []string `json:"artifacts,omitempty"`
	IsPublic                bool     `json:"isPublic,omitempty"`
	DownloadURLPrefix       string   `json:"downloadUrlPrefix,omitempty"`
	DownloadCommandTemplate string   `json:"downloadCommandTemplate,omitempty"`
	Trigger                 string   `json:"trigger,omitempty"`

InstallInstructionScriptInput ...

type InstallInstructionScriptOutput

type InstallInstructionScriptOutput struct {
	Full string `json:"full,omitempty"`
	Lite string `json:"lite,omitempty"`

InstallInstructionScriptOutput ...

type PackageResult

type PackageResult struct {
	Version             string                          `json:"version,omitempty"`
	PackageName         string                          `json:"packageName,omitempty"`
	Path                []string                        `json:"path,omitempty"`
	ReadmeMd            []string                        `json:"readmeMd,omitempty"`
	Changelog           *Changelog                      `json:"changelog,omitempty"`
	Artifacts           []string                        `json:"artifacts,omitempty"`
	InstallInstructions *InstallInstructionScriptOutput `json:"installInstructions,omitempty"`

PackageResult ...

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