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func GetDefaultVerifier

func GetDefaultVerifier() packages.Verifier

GetDefaultVerifier gets the default track 1 verifiers which verifies the following: - verifies that the package name matches the leaf directory name - verifies that the package path only consists of lower case letters - verifies that the package path must follow the desired directory structure

func VerifyWithDefaultVerifiers

func VerifyWithDefaultVerifiers(root string, exceptions map[string]bool) error

VerifyWithDefaultVerifiers verifies packages under the root directory with the given exceptions


type Package

type Package struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Package represents a track 1 SDK package

func List

func List(root string) ([]Package, error)

List lists all the track 1 SDK packages under the root directory

func (Package) FullPath

func (p Package) FullPath() string

FullPath ...

func (Package) IsARMPackage

func (p Package) IsARMPackage() bool

IsARMPackage ...

func (Package) Name

func (p Package) Name() string

Name ...

func (Package) Path

func (p Package) Path() string

Path ...

func (Package) Root

func (p Package) Root() string

Root ...

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