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type AlterationsClientAPI

type AlterationsClientAPI interface {
	Get(ctx context.Context) (result qnamaker.WordAlterationsDTO, err error)
	Replace(ctx context.Context, wordAlterations qnamaker.WordAlterationsDTO) (result autorest.Response, err error)

AlterationsClientAPI contains the set of methods on the AlterationsClient type.

type EndpointKeysClientAPI

type EndpointKeysClientAPI interface {
	GetKeys(ctx context.Context) (result qnamaker.EndpointKeysDTO, err error)
	RefreshKeys(ctx context.Context, keyType string) (result qnamaker.EndpointKeysDTO, err error)

EndpointKeysClientAPI contains the set of methods on the EndpointKeysClient type.

type EndpointSettingsClientAPI

type EndpointSettingsClientAPI interface {
	GetSettings(ctx context.Context) (result qnamaker.EndpointSettingsDTO, err error)
	UpdateSettings(ctx context.Context, endpointSettingsPayload qnamaker.EndpointSettingsDTO) (result autorest.Response, err error)

EndpointSettingsClientAPI contains the set of methods on the EndpointSettingsClient type.

type KnowledgebaseClientAPI

type KnowledgebaseClientAPI interface {
	Create(ctx context.Context, createKbPayload qnamaker.CreateKbDTO) (result qnamaker.Operation, err error)
	Delete(ctx context.Context, kbID string) (result autorest.Response, err error)
	Download(ctx context.Context, kbID string, environment qnamaker.EnvironmentType, source string, changedSince string) (result qnamaker.QnADocumentsDTO, err error)
	GetDetails(ctx context.Context, kbID string) (result qnamaker.KnowledgebaseDTO, err error)
	ListAll(ctx context.Context) (result qnamaker.KnowledgebasesDTO, err error)
	Publish(ctx context.Context, kbID string) (result autorest.Response, err error)
	Replace(ctx context.Context, kbID string, replaceKb qnamaker.ReplaceKbDTO) (result autorest.Response, err error)
	Update(ctx context.Context, kbID string, updateKb qnamaker.UpdateKbOperationDTO) (result qnamaker.Operation, err error)

KnowledgebaseClientAPI contains the set of methods on the KnowledgebaseClient type.

type OperationsClientAPI

type OperationsClientAPI interface {
	GetDetails(ctx context.Context, operationID string) (result qnamaker.Operation, err error)

OperationsClientAPI contains the set of methods on the OperationsClient type.

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