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var (
	// ErrChainNotifierShuttingDown is used when we are trying to
	// measure a spend notification when notifier is already stopped.
	ErrChainNotifierShuttingDown = errors.New("chainntnfs: system interrupt " +
		"while attempting to register for spend notification.")


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type BitcoindNotifier

type BitcoindNotifier struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    BitcoindNotifier implements the ChainNotifier interface using a bitcoind chain client. Multiple concurrent clients are supported. All notifications are achieved via non-blocking sends on client channels.

    func New

    func New(config *rpcclient.ConnConfig, zmqConnect string,
    	params chaincfg.Params) (*BitcoindNotifier, error)

      New returns a new BitcoindNotifier instance. This function assumes the bitcoind node detailed in the passed configuration is already running, and willing to accept RPC requests and new zmq clients.

      func (*BitcoindNotifier) RegisterBlockEpochNtfn

      func (b *BitcoindNotifier) RegisterBlockEpochNtfn() (*chainntnfs.BlockEpochEvent, error)

        RegisterBlockEpochNtfn returns a BlockEpochEvent which subscribes the caller to receive notifications, of each new block connected to the main chain.

        func (*BitcoindNotifier) RegisterConfirmationsNtfn

        func (b *BitcoindNotifier) RegisterConfirmationsNtfn(txid *chainhash.Hash,
        	numConfs, heightHint uint32) (*chainntnfs.ConfirmationEvent, error)

          RegisterConfirmationsNtfn registers a notification with BitcoindNotifier which will be triggered once the txid reaches numConfs number of confirmations.

          func (*BitcoindNotifier) RegisterSpendNtfn

          func (b *BitcoindNotifier) RegisterSpendNtfn(outpoint *wire.OutPoint,
          	heightHint uint32, _ bool) (*chainntnfs.SpendEvent, error)

            RegisterSpendNtfn registers an intent to be notified once the target outpoint has been spent by a transaction on-chain. Once a spend of the target outpoint has been detected, the details of the spending event will be sent across the 'Spend' channel. The heightHint should represent the earliest height in the chain where the transaction could have been spent in.

            func (*BitcoindNotifier) Start

            func (b *BitcoindNotifier) Start() error

              Start connects to the running bitcoind node over websockets, registers for block notifications, and finally launches all related helper goroutines.

              func (*BitcoindNotifier) Stop

              func (b *BitcoindNotifier) Stop() error

                Stop shutsdown the BitcoindNotifier.