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const (
	// DefaultConfigPath is the default path to the configuration file
	DefaultConfigPath = "~/.vault"

	// ConfigPathEnv is the environment variable that can be used to
	// override where the Vault configuration is.
	ConfigPathEnv = "VAULT_CONFIG_PATH"


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func DefaultTokenHelper

func DefaultTokenHelper() (token.TokenHelper, error)

    DefaultTokenHelper returns the token helper that is configured for Vault.


    type DefaultConfig

    type DefaultConfig struct {
    	// TokenHelper is the executable/command that is executed for storing
    	// and retrieving the authentication token for the Vault CLI. If this
    	// is not specified, then vault's internal token store will be used, which
    	// stores the token on disk unencrypted.
    	TokenHelper string `hcl:"token_helper"`

      Config is the CLI configuration for Vault that can be specified via a `$HOME/.vault` file which is HCL-formatted (therefore HCL or JSON).

      func Config

      func Config() (*DefaultConfig, error)

        Config loads the configuration and returns it. If the configuration is already loaded, it is returned.

        func LoadConfig

        func LoadConfig(path string) (*DefaultConfig, error)

          LoadConfig reads the configuration from the given path. If path is empty, then the default path will be used, or the environment variable if set.

          func ParseConfig

          func ParseConfig(contents string) (*DefaultConfig, error)

            ParseConfig parses the given configuration as a string.

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