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func New

func New() (interface{}, error)

    New implements builtinplugins.BuiltinFactory

    func Run

    func Run(apiTLSConfig *api.TLSConfig) error

      Run instantiates a HANA object, and runs the RPC server for the plugin


      type HANA

        HANA is an implementation of Database interface

        func (*HANA) CreateUser

        func (h *HANA) CreateUser(ctx context.Context, statements dbplugin.Statements, usernameConfig dbplugin.UsernameConfig, expiration time.Time) (username string, password string, err error)

          CreateUser generates the username/password on the underlying HANA secret backend as instructed by the CreationStatement provided.

          func (*HANA) RenewUser

          func (h *HANA) RenewUser(ctx context.Context, statements dbplugin.Statements, username string, expiration time.Time) error

            Renewing hana user just means altering user's valid until property

            func (*HANA) RevokeUser

            func (h *HANA) RevokeUser(ctx context.Context, statements dbplugin.Statements, username string) error

              Revoking hana user will deactivate user and try to perform a soft drop

              func (*HANA) RotateRootCredentials

              func (h *HANA) RotateRootCredentials(ctx context.Context, statements []string) (map[string]interface{}, error)

                RotateRootCredentials is not currently supported on HANA

                func (*HANA) Type

                func (h *HANA) Type() (string, error)

                  Type returns the TypeName for this backend

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