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func NewCustomResourceDefinitionHandler

func NewCustomResourceDefinitionHandler(
	versionDiscoveryHandler *versionDiscoveryHandler,
	groupDiscoveryHandler *groupDiscoveryHandler,
	requestContextMapper apirequest.RequestContextMapper,
	crdLister listers.CustomResourceDefinitionLister,
	delegate http.Handler,
	restOptionsGetter generic.RESTOptionsGetter,
	admission admission.Interface) *crdHandler


type CRDRESTOptionsGetter

type CRDRESTOptionsGetter struct {
	StorageConfig           storagebackend.Config
	StoragePrefix           string
	EnableWatchCache        bool
	DefaultWatchCacheSize   int
	EnableGarbageCollection bool
	DeleteCollectionWorkers int

func (CRDRESTOptionsGetter) GetRESTOptions

func (t CRDRESTOptionsGetter) GetRESTOptions(resource schema.GroupResource) (generic.RESTOptions, error)

type Config

type Config struct {
	GenericConfig *genericapiserver.Config

	CRDRESTOptionsGetter genericregistry.RESTOptionsGetter

func (*Config) Complete

func (c *Config) Complete() completedConfig

Complete fills in any fields not set that are required to have valid data. It's mutating the receiver.

func (*Config) SkipComplete

func (c *Config) SkipComplete() completedConfig

SkipComplete provides a way to construct a server instance without config completion.

type CustomResourceDefinitions

type CustomResourceDefinitions struct {
	GenericAPIServer *genericapiserver.GenericAPIServer

	// provided for easier embedding
	Informers internalinformers.SharedInformerFactory

type DiscoveryController

type DiscoveryController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewDiscoveryController

func NewDiscoveryController(crdInformer informers.CustomResourceDefinitionInformer, versionHandler *versionDiscoveryHandler, groupHandler *groupDiscoveryHandler, contextMapper request.RequestContextMapper) *DiscoveryController

func (*DiscoveryController) Run

func (c *DiscoveryController) Run(stopCh <-chan struct{})

type UnstructuredCopier

type UnstructuredCopier struct{}

func (UnstructuredCopier) Copy

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